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While Yu-Gi-Oh! only has a smattering of Fusion Monsters, there are plenty of great ones to choose from. With a new show based on the game hitting the airwaves, it’s a good time to remember that Fusions, while not necessarily as flashy as Synchro Monsters or as easy to use as Xyz Monsters, can pack a real punch if you know how to use them. In fact, some Fusions are so good, they’re banned from tournaments!

Power up your Millennium Item in the name of all that is good, because we’re about to take a look at the best Fusion Monsters ever to grace the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. These monsters are so powerful, in fact, that only 1 can be summoned per duel – but the effort is always worth it. Since the rules of the game have changed a lot since the game debuted, the list has been updated to reflect the most recent ruleset.

Fusion summoning is one of the best ways to summon powerful monsters. They combine two monsters into one and put all their power into one big package.

Combined with Synchro, XYZ and Link summons, fusion allows you to summon some of the most powerful monsters in the game.

And since there are currently over 300 merged monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh, there’s plenty to choose from. So how do you know what to include in your game?

Or, more importantly, which are really the best thermonuclear samples of all time?

We’ll see about that:

15. Supreme King Z-Arc

If you’ve seen the Yu-Gi-Oh ARC V anime, you probably know this guy.

He is the head monster of Zark, an evil duelist determined to become the most powerful in the universe. In the anime, this card was technically a merge, sync, XYZ, monster effect and monster swing all in one!

What a load of crap.

Z-Arc is one of the few monsters with a Fusion Pendulum in the game. This means you can summon him from an extra deck, just like any other Fusion Monster. If that card is destroyed, it can be placed in the Pendulum Zone.

That’s practically two effects for the price of one!

The Z-Arc Supreme King with 4000 attacks and boardwiping effect is great, but unfortunately limited by the difficulty of summoning him.

You need 4 dragons, one of each extra deck type, which is not easy.

14. Performapal Gatlinghool

Performapals is one of the best shuttle decks out there, and nothing can change my opinion of it.

I mean, they’re circus animals with an insane array of different strategies and skills. What other archetype has more than 85 cards in their arsenal, and more in the future?

This fusion monster gave the Performapals some much needed extra bridge power. Performapal Gatlinghoul lets you burn your opponent for 200 damage per card on the field when you summon it.

Additionally, if summoned along with a Pendulum Monster, you can destroy your opponent’s monster and inflict damage equal to its attack.

The amount of fire damage you can do with this card is insane! You can easily do over 4000 points of damage, and that’s already a win.

13. Ultimate Antique Golem

As if the Ancient Golem wasn’t scary enough, the Fusion version of this card is even scarier!

This monster has the same penetrating combat damage and immunity to spells and traps as the Old Gear Golem, but now has an impressive 4400 attack.

There is simply no way to defend against such a force.

Even if your opponent puts the monster in a defensive position, it will still take a large amount of damage.

If your opponent destroys this card, Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem allows you to immediately return the original Ancient Gear Golem.

It’s an endless threat and a fantastic card for any Ancient Gear deck.

12. Theseus’ sea monster

You may be wondering how a thermonuclear sample with no effect got on this list?

This card is incredibly powerful for a reason: Immediate merger.

With Instant Fusion, you can intentionally summon a Fusion Monster of Level 5 or lower from an additional deck, provided it cannot attack and is destroyed in the end phase. It costs 1000 life – a cheap way to get more monsters from an additional deck onto the field.

While Theseus’ sea monster may seem like a weak option, it is far from weak.

Being a tuner means you can play a lot of synchronized monsters at once, like Red Archfiend Dragon, a monster with an attack of 3000 that can destroy a lot of monsters at once, or Black Pink Dragon, which can literally destroy everything on the field.

11. Swirling dragon with slanted eyes

The Odd Eyes archetype is one of the coolest dragon archetypes, using all types of summoning tools.

They even have Xyz Pendulum hybrid cards (the naming is tricky, but it’s very cool if you can do it).

Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon is a very strong fusion monster for any swing deck. Especially those who can play the slinging dragon with weird eyes.

If you summon him, you can send any monster on the field back to your hand, essentially like a forced evacuation with lots of teeth.

In addition, you can cancel the effects of monsters, spells or traps as a quick effect!

All you have to do is shuffle a returned Pendulum monster from an additional deck into your deck. This way you can recycle resources and make sure you can use your strongest monsters over and over again.

10. Black Magicians

This card looks less like an amalgam of two monsters and more like a combination of Power Rangers-like poses….. but it’s incredibly good for Black Mage games!

Each time a spell or trap is activated (including your opponent’s), you may draw a card. Then, if it’s a spell or trap, you can activate it immediately.

Dark Mages are a very difficult deck to play with spells and traps. Usually you use about 9-10 monsters in a deck of 40 cards.

In fact, you double the number of cards you have access to with this fusion monster.

9. Blue-Eyed Ultimate Alternate Dragon

I remember when the blue-eyed Ultimate Dragon was the biggest threat in Yu-Gi-Oh!

I mean, he’s had 4,500 seizures. How can we do better?

With the exception of Mirror Force or Magic Cylinder, this card was unstoppable.

The alternate sequel only gets better, maintaining the same ridiculous attack speed and adding some insane effects.

Once per turn, you can destroy one of your opponent’s cards, or 3 cards if it was summoned by another Blue-Eyed Dragon.

This means that not only can you destroy all of their monsters to render them defenseless, but you can also destroy their spells/tricks so that nothing can stop your attacks.

8. Restriction of thousands of eyes

How come Pegasus, the guy who plays a rabbit game in the anime, also plays the scariest card in the entire game?

Even more frightening is the restraining effect of the thousands of eyes: It allows you to devour your opponent’s monster as your own.

This means you can steal your opponent’s best monster and keep it for yourself.

If they spent all their time getting the big blue-eyed Ultimate Dragon out, well, now he’s yours.

This type also deprives your opponent of the ability to attack and change combat positions, meaning the game is completely under your control as long as you have the Thousand-Eyed Limiter in play.

Therefore, Thousand-Eyes Restrict was sent to Yu-Gi-Oh’s Shadow Realm (aka Forbidden List) when it first came out, but it has since been released.

7. The first of the dragons

It’s not often you see a card that works well with normal monsters. Especially in modern Yu-Gi-Oh, where powerful and spectacular monsters make up the bulk of most decks.

This card cannot be destroyed by combat or by a non-ordinary monster effect.

The chance of your opponent having normal monsters in their deck is virtually nil, and you get an invincible dragon that can just keep attacking.

First of Dragons is ideal for decks that focus on the common big monster, such as Red-Eyed Black Dragon or Blue-Eyed White Dragon decks.

It’s also a very useful tool in Pendulum decks that use regular monsters, like Metal Foes or a variant of Pendulum Mages.

6. Fate Virus Dragon

Who knew trap cards could be used as fusion material?

Doom Virus Dragon has the effect of an older version of Crush Card Virus. You know, the effect that was so good it had to be modified to be at least somewhat good.

This means that all monsters they control, all monsters in their hand, and all monsters they cast over the next three turns are destroyed if they have more than 1500 attacks.

This guy doesn’t have the best attack stats, but the fact that he automatically destroys all monsters stronger than him means you’ll definitely do some damage.

5. Masked Hero Dark Law

Also known as the reason why everyone buys the Hero’s Strike structure game.

Black right is incredibly powerful.

It works like a Macrocosm and banishes any card placed in the graveyard, but only for your opponent!

You can stack your graveyard as full as you want, while your opponent’s is strictly limited.

And every time he puts a card in his hand, you can banish any card from his hand. Overall, Dark Law just makes it impossible for your opponent to put on a good game, making it a serious threat to any deck.

4. El Shaddol Winda

Special summoning is the basis of Yu-Gi-Oh!

This is what makes you great monsters and what fuels your combos. Without special summons, you don’t have a strong game.

El Shaddol Winda imposes a large ban on the special challenge and allows one special challenge per turn.

This means that your opponent has to choose which monster they want most, and pray that they can get it with 1 card.

This also limits your special summons, but you don’t need to summon Winda until you’ve summoned all your big monsters. Who says balanced effects have to be played fair?

3. Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon

With this Fusion Monster, you can turn your opponent’s monster into an empty shell with 0 attack and no effect, and you can wipe it out with 3300 attacks.

If your opponent decides that this war of attrition is too much and tries to destroy the Fusion Dragon Venom Gourmand, it will blow up the entire field and return to its original position.

I had always heard of an unstoppable object meeting an unstoppable force, but I never thought they could be put together in one package!

2. Neo Dragon Ultimatum with blue eyes

The fact that there are two blue-eyed cards on this list shows how dominant this deck can be.

Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon is practically the king of fusion monsters!

By banning Blue Eye monsters from your Extra Deck, this monster can attack three times per turn with 4500 attack points!

That’s over 13,500 damage units that your opponent must survive. Which is absolutely devastating in a game with 8000 hit points.

If your opponent has only one monster in attack position, he is essentially defeated as soon as that monster gets on the board.

1. Black dragon with red eyes

This card has caused quite a bit of controversy in the metagame lately.

It is a merging monster that can destroy up to 2 of your opponent’s monsters and inflict damage equal to their attack.

That is, if your opponent only had two monsters with an attack of 2500 each, this effect would become a win.

Not only is this type completely untapped and does not target all card effects, but it can nullify a card’s effect once per turn. And if he does, he gets a permanent attack boost of 1000.

You only need one negation to turn this card into a Beast with a 4000 attack.

This means that your opponent must create his own monster with a 4000 attack to have a chance of winning. This is not always possible with many card games.

This card has been banned indefinitely in the JOC, and many people in the JTC are asking the same thing.

Once you have a black dragon with red eyes on board, victory is all but assured.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest fusion monster in Yugioh?

Fusion Monsters were introduced in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game in March 2002, in the Master of Pendulum Structure Deck, with further support added in the subsequent booster packs. Fusion Monsters, like Ritual Monsters, are Monster Cards that use Polymerization as a Summoning Method. Fusion Monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game are used to Fusion Summon rather than being Ritual Summoned or Tribute Summoned as Ritual or Normal Monsters. The game of Yu-Gi-Oh has been a favorite of many since its introduction to the world in 1998. It is a card game, in which different cards are merged to create stronger, more powerful cards. Fusion monsters are created through the fusion of two or more monsters, and some of the strongest monsters are fusion monsters. Blog Post: The strongest fusion monster is the Dark Magician. It is a level 8, water and fire attribute monster, with 2500 attack and defense points, respectively. It requires the fusion of the Dark Magician Girl and the Dark Magician. The Dark Magician itself has 2500 attack and defense points, with a water and dark attribute. It is a level 7 monster, and requires the fusion of

What is the most powerful card in Yu-Gi-Oh?

This is a question that has been asked many times since the game started. Some people believe that Black Luster Soldier is the best card in Yugioh, but that depends on the situation. You see, the game has changed over the years, and there have been different cards released. If Black Luster Soldier is in your hand but you have nothing to discard, it doesn’t matter how good it is. There are many other factors to consider. In the trading card game Yu-Gi-Oh, which was created by Konami in 1999 in Japan, is played by two players in a variety of different ways. One of the most popular ways of playing is called the “battle” mode, which is where each player has their own deck of forty-six cards. These decks are made up of monsters, spells, and traps. Each deck is designed to be strong against one type of deck and weak against another.

What is the strongest normal monster in Yugioh?

There are a huge number of normal monsters in Yugioh, from the humble mokey moke to the powerful Goyo Guardian. Some of them can be stronger than others, but what people do not know is that there is a normal monster that is the strongest in the game. It is the Stardust Dragon. The Stardust Dragon is one of the few normal monsters that are special summoned, and it is also one of the most powerful dragons in the game. As a level 8 monster, it is also one of the most powerful monsters in the game. The Stardust Dragon is a dragon type monster with 2400 attack and 1600 defense, which is the most powerful level 8 monster there is. It also has a powerful effect In the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game , there are many strong monsters. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. However, there are a few that rise above the rest. These are the strongest normal monsters that you can summon without using any spells or traps. Some are easy to summon, while others require a bit more work, but all of them are worth a look, and all of them can help you win duels.

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