5 Benefits Of Using Mobile Form Apps For Your Business

Mobile forms are essentially apps designed for use on tablets and smartphones. They are primarily intended for the preparation, completion and submission of forms containing data on participants, volunteers, clients or other interested parties. Almost every company today has field workers who need to capture important and meaningful data. Mobile form apps like ProntoForms allow field staff to eliminate traditional work-related paperwork with easy-to-fill and store digital forms.

If you work in the field, are a manager or business owner and your business is still stuck with the traditional way of filling out forms, here are five benefits of using mobile apps for filling out forms that will likely help your business in a big way:

1.      Field personnel able to transmit data in real time

When field workers use mobile apps to collect data in the field and have an internet connection, they can send the collected data in real time. Unlike traditional paper-based data entry, employees had to wait until the end of the day to submit their work to the office, and only then could other employees use the submitted data. Mobile form applications allow data collected in the field to be viewed and analyzed in real time by office workers.

2.      Mobile form applications are environmentally friendly

If your business wants to go green, mobile formwork apps are perfect for you as they completely eliminate the need for paperwork. Because mobile form applications automate the process of data collection and analysis, they eliminate manual steps in the process and the need for paper.

3.      Mobile form applications have many features

Mobile applications make the work of field staff as simple and easy as possible by enabling them to use a wide range of functions. Mobile form applications also work offline, so employees working in an area with limited or no Internet access can save and upload their work when in an area with Internet access. It also allows employees to perform automatic calculations, estimate time spent in an area or on a form, retrieve previously completed forms, take annotation snapshots, create OCR snapshots and scan documents.

4.      Applications with a mobile form can function as apurchase request

In addition to collecting data from on-site stakeholders, mobile form apps can also be used to collect requests for office equipment, office supplies, and other needed materials. If you enable the Purchase Order option in the mobile form applications, filling in the required fields will automatically create a purchase order and send it to the appropriate department. When employees need to create a receipt for purchases they are claiming, they can easily save it in the Mobile Forms application by taking a picture of each receipt and compiling it later.

5.      Mobile form applications can be used for driver and fleet management

Logistics and transport companies can also use mobile form applications, as they can track their fleet, drivers and associated deliveries. Each completed job requires a large number of documents to be completed in the traditional way. However, with mobile formwork apps, all these forms can be completed digitally, in an easy to follow and manage sequence. If drivers can fill out the required data on the spot, office staff can know where the package is in real time and also take advantage of GPS tracking capabilities. Mobile form applications are multi-user, and their applicability is limited only by comprehension.

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