8 Sites Like MangaStream To Read Manga For Free in 2021

Manga is a graphic novel created in Japan. They are generally in the style of late 19th century cartoons. The century. It contains stories of all genres and is now available not only in Japanese but also in other languages, and has gained a worldwide audience. As a result, the art of drawing, also known as manga, has spread to other parts of the world, creating local manga artists on different continents.

Manga are not easily available in India, the easiest source is the internet if you know the right sites. One of the most popular sites for manga was MangaStream, but after 10 years of flawless functioning, the site was closed and is no longer accessible.

The reason, according to some users, is an alleged violation of intellectual property by the owners of the manga. Another said the reason was to promote MangaPlus. Since then, the site has been trying to promote a legal way of reading.

8 best places like MangaStream in 2021

It’s not easy to find manga in this country. That’s why we have a perfect list of the 8 best alternatives to MangaStream for you.

1. TenManga

Fairly new to the Internet, TenManga is the number 1 on the list for choosing an alternative to MangaStream. It has a user-friendly interface and a good collection of manga. The site has simplified the search for many. It helps users to search for the desired manga just by the initial letter or number. The site is fully secure and contains no viruses or malicious software.

2. MangaPark

MangaPark is also another manga viewing site. It is very popular among manga readers around the world. The area is considered safe, although traffic to the area has decreased over the years. The user interface of the site is quite simple and uncluttered and allows the user to read comfortably. We recommend it!

3. MangaPanda

For MangaStream fans, MangaPanda is the best solution for your broken manga interests. The site has an extensive collection of manga. We’re talking thousands here, and they’re all high quality. The collection is arranged by genre and includes all genres. From classics like Naruto to the latest releases, the site has it all.  More attention is paid to detail and quality of the site, so that the pages do not fade, i.e. there are no interruptions.

The site is more or less ad-free, and you can read manga there at your leisure. The few ads that may appear are all relative and very short compared to other manga sites. Moreover, the user interface is interactive and helps the user to choose the manga that suits their taste. There is also a Surprise! A way to help users who aren’t sure which manga to read. Give it a try!

4. MangaRebren

Another new addition to the list of alternatives to MangaStream is Mangareborn. It has a very simple interface, a white-brown theme and a large collection of manga to choose from. It is a very good alternative to MangaStream, easy to use. The site also has a forum and a news section to keep users up to date with the latest news in the world of manga.

The site offers emerging artists the chance to have their illustrations and stories published on the site. There is also an unlock feature to buy mangas, as well as financial support for creators of mangas. The site is safe, has few ads and is free of malware. Recommended!

5. MangaCacalot

Mangacalot is another recommended alternative to MangaStream. The website has a light user interface, so light that even children can navigate the site without any problems. It has a large and good collection of comics to entertain the users. The site has an interactive search function. There is no advertising on the site.

It is also compatible with all devices and accessible from any location. The site presents all genres of manga, from the oldest to the most recent. He also often inserts unfinished manga to keep users informed and engaged. She is slowly but surely climbing the popularity ladder. Trusted by many manga fans, and by us as well, this site is a 101 recommendation.

6. Mangarider

Mangareader is another recommended alternative to MangaStream. The site has a simple user interface and a wide range of content. The comics, every one of them, are completely free. At first glance, the user interface is elegant and attractive. The site not only offers the most popular Japanese manga, but also manga in English.

Like MangaPanda, Mangareader has a Surprise Me! to help new and confused readers choose the right manga. The downside of this site is that it is not mobile friendly, but it is easily accessible from computers, tablets, etc. The content is of high quality, with no blurry images or interruptions. It’s also arranged alphabetically from A to Z, which will help you choose what suits you best.

7. Comixology

Next on the list is ComiXology, a great cloud-based manga comics site. The experiment is highly commendable. Users can browse, read or buy manga comics online. The site is compatible with the website, iOS and Android. Depending on your preferred genre, you can customize your search. The mobile application is very elegant and flawless, which makes reading manga much easier.

8. Viz Media

Viz Media is the best platform to read manga comics. The site is free to read manga on iOS and Android devices, but to read comics on PC, you’ll need a full subscription. It also contains a huge collection of Japanese stories and anime.

Users can use the search option to find their favorite manga by entering a title by keyword. Users can get English translations of all anime that appear in the search results. It is also popular as a library app for manga and anime fans.

Concluding remarks

Here are our top picks for MangaStream alternatives, tested and verified. There are many other websites, but not all of them are safe. So we encourage you to keep it up, and we wish you lots of reading fun!

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