Among Us Airship Tasks Guide – How to Complete All Tasks

In this task guide for airship maps, we show you how to complete all the tasks in the airship below us map. Blimp is a new card introduced in Among Us that has a unique layout and format.

Like the other cards in the game, Airship is full of visual and general missions that you can perform to prove your innocence or just hide as a sneaky cheat. This guide will help you understand all the tasks on the airship map in the game.

Airship Operations Manual– Below Us

In our guide to airship missions in Among Us, you’ll find everything you need to know to successfully complete all the airship missions in Among Us.

All new tasks

The new airship map comes with a few new quests to mix things up and make it more interesting for players and cheaters.

Reset switch

This task is located in the Electricity section, which contains seven switches that must be pulled in ascending order. Starting with the number 1 and ending with the last number 7.

Waste disposal

Almost like the old tasks, but with a different kind of animation where you have to pull a plastic garbage bag out of the trash can to throw it away.

rewind the tapes

Just rewind the tape to the time on the tape. You have to configure it to do exactly the same thing.

Put the guns away.

There will be new missions in the arsenal that are fairly simple and require you to hang your rifles and pistols on the shelf.

Commissioning fan

For this task you need to remember the code of the panel in the fan, which appears in the form of some gems. Now go to the second panel and enter the code exactly as you saw it in the first panel.

Safe unlocking

A fairly simple task where you turn the knob in the right direction and stop at the number. This opens a second code with a different direction and stop number. Do this for all three numbers to open the safe.

Polish ruby

Polish the red ruby by removing the stains it contains. Ruby must be completely clean to complete this task.

Dress up doll

Dress the mannequin on the left with the correct item from the image above.

Make a hamburger.

The recipe calls for making a burger with the right ingredients. To do this, stack the burgers from the bottom bun, the meat slices, the necessary vegetables and the top bun.

Uncontaminated toilet

Players must use the cap and move in and out until the toilet is empty and the task is complete. In order not to lose the pressure that has built up, it is necessary to move the piston several times.


Go to the showers in the main hall to shower until you reach 0% dirt.

Pictures to develop

Enter the darkroom in the main corridor and drag the unfinished pictures to the water tank. The task will finish in a minute, so you can do other tasks to shorten the time.

All return tasks

The Blimp map also brings back quests from the game’s older maps, quests that will be very familiar to players.

Calibration of the collectors

One of the recurring tasks on this new card is to press a button at the right moment when the pointer spins by itself. Do the same for the three rotating rings.

Repair wiring

You will find four disconnected wires of different colors. Make sure the colors match and connect the wires to secure them.

Enter the identification code

Just grab your ID card and enter the number on the screen.

Data transfer

Another one of those recurring basic tasks where you have to load and unload data from one place to another.

Fuel engines

Keep the pressure on until the tank is full to complete this task.

For more help with problems among us, see the guides linked below.

This concludes our manual of challenges among our airships. Post your comments below.

frequently asked questions

How do you do all the work between us?


Is there a new card among us?

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