As Princess Eugenie honours her grandmother, the Queen with an adorable August confession

As Princess Eugenie honored her grandmother, the Queen before the Platinum Jubilee weekend, she made an ingenious confession about August.

  • Princess Eugenie wrote a touching article about the pride she takes in being a royal grandmother.

  • She also shared thoughts about August, her son and the qualities that she hopes to see in him.
  • We have just revealed the locations of the beacons that will be lit to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.


Bank holiday celebrating Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

It’s almost here, and while this moment is memorable for Britain’s longest-reigning monarch as well as fans around the globe, it is also extremely significant for all members of

The Firm

. As a proud mother-of-four, grandmother-of-eight, and great-grandmother to 12 great-grandchildren, Her Majesty is supported as the Sovereign by members of her family. Many royals were seen taking on more responsibility in Her Majesty’s Jubilee year. They have undertaken multiple overseas visits and tours.

Although it is not known which Jubilee events Queen Eugenie might attend, many other royals will be present over the weekend. Today Princess Eugenie wrote a sweet confession about August to honour her grandmother.

Open up and share your feelings in an intimate article

The Spectator

Eugenie thought back to all that the monarch had accomplished over the last 70 years. It seems that there were a few things Eugenie would “love” for her son August to inherit some history from his great-grandmother.

“Seventy-years is quite an accomplishment, isn’t it?” Eugenie writes admiringly about the Jubilee, and then goes on to explain how life has changed in the wake of the Diamond Jubilee.

Elle continued: “As I reflect on 2012 Jubilee, and the one that we will celebrate, I am struck by how much my life has changed.” As a woman and mother, I have so many more responsibilities than when I was 21 years old just after I graduated from university.

She continued: “I have dedicated my life to my family. I hope that my grandchildren will be able to take even a small part of what my grandmother lived.” Her Majesty has been unwavering in her devotion to duty for over seven decades.

Eugenie hopes that August will inherit some traits from the Queen, especially when it comes down to her son.

“I think of my son August, and I imagine what it would be like for me to have him grow up in a world that is safe. “And I think about my grandmother and all that she stood up for for us over these 70 years.” The proud mom said. I would love Augie had her patience, calmness, kindness and to be able to smile at herself and see the twinkle in her eye.

Eugenie shared some cute details about August since his birth last February, which included Augie, Eugenie’s sweet nickname. It is believed that the Queen attended the double christening of August with Zara Tindall’s child Lucas. It’s wonderful to imagine that he might end up just as peaceful, kind, and patient as Princess Eugenie.


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