Best Perks to Use in Loop Hero for Necromancer, Warrior & Rogue

The features or bonuses in Hero of the Loop play an important role in survival. These are passive skills that are unlocked as you level up. With three different classes – Necromancer, Thief and Warrior – it can be hard to know what the best benefits of Loop Hero are. With this information you can increase your character’s stats and also use passive skills for a short time. Not all bonuses are easy to unlock, some require you to fight bosses. The greater the challenge, the greater the bonuses unlocked in Loop Hero. In this guide, I’ll help you with the best overall perks for all classes in Loop Hero. This way, you can also learn about the best benefits of each class individually.

Best bonuses: General

The Loop Hero has a total of 14 traits that you can unlock. 7 of them belong to three classes. Properties are not limited to one class, you can unlock them and tune them to your liking. Here is a list of the best overall benefits you should have for all classes.

  1. Battery compartment: +75% chance to stun opponent.
  2. Deep pocket: 2x inventory.
  3. Second thought: New free set of 3 features.
  4. Axis tilt: +25% hourly rate.
  5. Sharp map: 10% chance of saving the map after discarding the chip. Does not work for gold cards.
  6. Omicron technology: +1 Resurrection Charge.
  7. Consumables : Get out 10% of the finds by going through the fire tile.
  8. Reviewer: Half HP increase for each adjacent road runner when overtaking.
  9. Fighting the Articles: After receiving this effect and after each loop, the hero gains a Phantom Defense bar equal to 65% of his maximum HP. It is by ignoring the defense that he takes all the damage.
  10. Battery compartment : The hero rushes headlong into battle and his first attack has a 75% chance of stunning each opponent for 1 second.
  11. Blade of Dawn: Each morning, the hero’s sword is infused with sunlight and his next attack inflicts ×2 points of damage on everyone.
  12. Dominant mass: Damage is increased by 20% of the defense value.
  13. Somersalto: 35% chance of counterattack by evasion.
  14. Survivor: If your HP drops below 40%, your regeneration is doubled.
  15. Shield Master: 20% chance to hit a staggering target for 1 second.
  16. A skilled gunsmith: Armor is increased by 1 after each loop.

Best bonuses: Hoorn

  1. A child of the forest: The rat-wolf can help you in a fight (75% chance).
  2. Lightning fast: The hero has a 20% chance of taking 3 hits, each hit deals 50% damage.
  3. Master Fence: 10% chance to attack two targets at once.
  4. A wall of fog: After the hero loses 20% of his HP in a fight, he dodges all attacks for 2 seconds.
  5. Fatal weakness: For every 10% HP you lose, you gain 0.5% chance to immediately do 1000% damage.
  6. Nothing is sacred: +3 HP after killing.
  7. Fas: For each enemy hero, take 7% less damage, starting with the second enemy.

Best bonuses: Necromancer

  1. Counterattack: After the hero takes direct damage, all skeletons have a 15% chance to immediately counterattack.
  2. Giving up your life: Any direct damage the hero suffers is shared equally between him and his skeletons.
  3. Invisible Care: Permanent +0.5 bonus to energy armor for each skeleton summoned.
  4. Horde: 3 attached skeletons accompany the hero in each loop to support him in battle.

They carry pattern properties. You need to build the gym to unlock the boss feature in Loop Hero. Keep killing the monster until the yellow bar below the health is full. You can then select a line. This also increases the chances of players facing a final boss in the same time frame. Various bonuses allow you to gain additional strength on the battlefield.

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