Depth 6 Achievement Guide

This guide describes the steps to follow to achieve 100% power at depth 6. If you’re one of those players trying to get all the achievements in Depth 6, then this is for you.

There are a total of 13 achievements in Depth 6, and none of them are hidden. Below are instructions on how to obtain them.

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Depth 6 Range

To simplify things, we will break down each achievement into categories.

Meeting of minors with minors

Rookie Photographer
Take 10 valid photos of the enemy on the move.
Expert Photographer
Take 20 real pictures of the opponent in motion.

Over the course of the game, you’ll have seven encounters with minors, during which you can take a total of twenty-four photos. Although the descriptions state that shots must be fired while the target is moving, stationary shots are also considered. With moving targets, you must shoot quickly and in a timely manner to achieve the number of valid shots indicated below.


  • Depth 2, can be seen wandering behind the trees. (5 shots)
  • At depth 3, one appears right in front of you after you pick up a jerry can. (1 shot)
    As you approach her, another one appears behind her and jumps you. (4 shots)


  • Depth 3 to 4, you will find if you look down to the fourth level. (1 record)
  • Depth 4, another miner jumps you as you move towards him. (2 shots)


  • At depth 4 there is a guard with the right key in his hand. (1 recording)
  • At depth 5, another miner appears behind you who jumps you when you open the first (unmarked) door right behind the one with the handwritten warning. (8 shots)

  • At depth 5 you will encounter three doors, marked 0, 8 and 16 respectively. You are bound by the number of actual shots you have up to that point – that is, as long as you have sixteen shots, you can open all three and open one of the other two. While the tracks they offer differ slightly, they all have downsides that will catch your eye. (2 shots)


A free fall from a very high point.

Immediately after your first encounter with the miner at depth 2, you’ll encounter an opening in a cave system with a chasm in the middle. Jump into that abyss. Note that this does not cause death. In fact, it is the preferred path down, because it is faster and leads to more collectibles than the other paths currently available.

Rescue team. Find the fire axe.

As you explore depth 4, you find a cave-in with an explosive device nearby. Grab the detonator, place the three sticks of dynamite on the box and follow the on-screen instructions to detonate them. Search the area after the explosion to find the axe. Note that not picking up an axe prevents you from getting another achievement and two possible endings.


Code breaker!
Open the secret safe in depth 4.

You’ll find a locked chest halfway to depth 4. The reference to the code is on the page.


If you miss it, here’s what to look for in the area:


If you cannot, please enter code 5837. Besides your own success, unlocking the chest and finding the contents is crucial to getting three more.

The gas mask is on!
Find the gas mask.

Once you have jumped down the slope to depth 5, look for a small hole on the right. This path leads to the mask, but you need something to cross the space in the path. Go through the gate tunnel and enter the area with fenced compartments. Search the area for the tablet.


Go back to the opening, put the board on the opening and go to the other side. Use a fire axe to demolish the wooden barrier.


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Place three sticks of dynamite on the crate and follow the on-screen instructions to blow it up. Then examine the area after the detonation for a gas mask.


Remember to equip the mask via the inventory screen as soon as you pick it up to prevent further contamination. Just as the axe you find at depth 4 is necessary to reach the gas mask, the mask itself is mandatory when you descend to depth 6 (if you target the second or third end).


DemobilizerTake 6 bars of dynamite.
Gold diggerTake 7 gold coins.
Collector. Take 3 blood trees.

Below are all the collectibles found in the game, arranged in order of appearance:


  • Depth 1, a bar of dynamite is in the cabinet next to the chest with the storage key for the cabin.
  • Depth 2, another bar of dynamite can be found in a closet on the way to depth 3 if you decide to go in. – Not recommended.


  • Depth 3, when you regain your bearings, turn around and find the first blood tree on the ground. Note that this area is only available if you choose to jump into the abyss at depth 2. – Recommended.
  • Depth 3, take the blood tree, follow the path up to find a gold coin and a bar of dynamite for some chests. These two routes are also only accessible if you choose the route through the gorge at depth 2.


  • At depth 3, a bar of dynamite and a gold coin lie on a chest next to a grove of trees.
  • At depth 3 you will find another bar of dynamite and a gold coin in the cabinet, which will only be released if you have five valid shots at that time.


  • Depth 4, two gold coins can be found on a pair of barrels.
  • Depth 4, another gold coin lies next to the device.


  • Depth 4, a few coins, a bar of dynamite and a second blood tree can be found in a locked chest connected to the puzzle.
  • In depth 4, you can buy another bar of dynamite for six gold coins from the machine right next to the locked chest. Maybe if you have coins, because they’re not used anywhere else.


  • Depth 5, the last dynamite is in the closed compartment area.
  • At depth 5, still in the same area, there is a chest that will only be released if you have twenty valid shots at that point. The third and final blood tree is in.


Because the game doesn’t save your progress, you’ll have to try three times to complete all the endings.

Reach the end 1
Full depth 6 with the first end.

Reaching depth 6 without an appropriate gas mask or already being fully (100%) contaminated before the mask is applied leads to the first (sick) end.

Only with a gas mask can you further explore depth 6. If you can get lifts, you can:

Reach the 2
Full Depth 6 end with the second end.

Take the one on the right to go to depth 1, which leads to the second (defeated) end.

Find the depth of 7
Find the depth of 7.
Reach to the 3
Full Depth 6 end with the third end.

Or take the left path down to depth 7, which leads to the third (adventurous) end.

Easter Egg Bonus

Although it has nothing to do with the achievement, the endgame stat screen mentions an Easter egg that I haven’t opened yet.

I think it has something to do with the sealed door with characters on it that is in depth 1, and with the three blood trees you can collect throughout the game. Even with trees on hand, I couldn’t find a way to activate that door.

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