How to complete all Main Hall tasks on Airship in Among Us

Between us, it’s a test to see if you really trust your friends. Not all of them will turn out to be true, as one of them will turn out to be an imposter who antagonizes everyone on the map and tries to be the last survivor. The airship map marks a large area for player coverage. The main hall is one of the places where you may have to perform various tasks.

Where to find the large room

The main hall is located amidships. To the right of the engine room and to the left of the shower. It is also connected to the electrical room by a ladder.


Photography in the great hall

If you need to develop photos in the main hall, look for the dark red room next to the back room. Enter the area and there will be a small table with a yellow light on the right.


The mini game offers three photos to develop, with a case full of chemicals. You have to drag all the pictures to the chemical container and wait for them to appear. The photos will take a few minutes. When they are done, you can take them out of the chemicals to finish the job. When you put photos in chemicals, they are not destroyed.


Disinfecting central hall

If you need to disinfect the main room, you need to go to a room with a tiled floor and a shower pipe. The shower hose with the nozzle turns yellow and you can deal with it.


Walk to the decontamination area and stay there until the icon on the right side of the screen touches the ground. Your character will no longer be infected and the task is over.


Divert energy to the main hall

If you need to reroute power to the main hall, you need to go to the electrical room directly below the main hall. When you enter the electricity room, go to the right side of the room and interact with the cabinet, direct energy upwards to send electricity to the main room.


Then go back to the main hall and go to the left side of the map. You want to go to the little room on the left, the little bedroom. Press the control panel and flip the switch to the middle so the power is on in the main room and the job is done.


How to dispose of garbage in the main hall

If you need to perform the task Empty Trash in the main hallway, the trash can is located in the concierge’s main closet, next to where you develop the photos.


If you come into contact with the container, remove the bag from the container. You have to grab and hold the garbage bag and pull it out. You may have to move the glass back and forth a bit before it comes out.


Once you have the trash, you need to take it to the meeting room, which you’ll find at the top of the map. When you get to the boardroom, throw the debris into the compartment, pull the lever to the right and wait for the debris to leave the airship. Once the garbage is removed, the garbage emptying task is complete.


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frequently asked questions

How do you do all the work between us?


What happens if you do all the tasks between us?

Tasks are one of the main objectives of the team members during the game In Among Us. If all players, including the ghosts, complete their tasks, the players automatically win the game.

Is there an airship map among us?

When does the airship map come out? InnerSloth’s Under Us team worked on the 31st. A new airship map will be released in March 2021. In a tweet posted shortly after 9pm UK time from the game’s official account, the developers confirmed that the update is now available in the game in real time.

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