How to Farm Silver in Valheim

The cold mountain landscape is a danger to those who are not prepared, but something useful forces the players to take a risk.

Silver is abundant in most mountain biomes, so it’s worth exploring the area and fending off threats along the way.

Silver is one of the endgame items you can get in the mountain biome, and it doesn’t take long to figure out where to find silver in Valheim.

As you progress through Iron level, you will need money to make all the Silver level armor and weapons you will use.

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How do you make money grow?

Silver can be mined in the mountains, but you’ll have to find it first, as it’s hidden in plain sight as you travel through this biome.

The best way to grow silver in Walheim is to find it first and dig it out to make sure you don’t miss a single piece of the silver vein.

You can always start disassembling it when you find it, but it’s important not to miss the other parts.

To find money you need Wishbone, which you get by defeating the third boss, Bonemass, a prerequisite to progress in this game.

You’ll need a way to resist the cold, which is mainly done by wearing a wolfskin coat of felt or a lox cloak, but a temporary solution would be to use a frost-resistant mead.

For more information on the antifreeze potion, see our guide to the Valheim potion.

How to find money?

To find the silver veins, you must first get Wishbone, which you achieve by defeating Bonemassa.

Note that Bonemass throws a Wishbone to every player present during the final boss fight, meaning everyone gets one.

Equip a Wishbone (which uses an accessory lock) and roam the mountainous biome until it signals a hidden object.

You will see green particles appear and a beep indicates that an object has been detected nearby.

Keep an eye on where the signal is coming from until it alerts you faster, and once you’re on top of it, start digging with your pick.

Silver veins are generally found in 3-5 layers below the site of concern, and are generally found in large mountain biomes, with smaller biomes sometimes not having them.

Best method for diluting silver ore

The best way to mine silver ore is to have an outpost where you can deposit the silver ore you land.

Keep looking for silver, keep growing it and planting it in the outpost until you have an abundance of it.

When it’s ready, you can roll or cart it (you can also use the world transfer method) and bring all your transports to your main base.

To learn how to move objects between worlds, see our guide to moving objects between worlds in Valheim.

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Silver used

Money is mostly used to make equipment, and most money recipes include endgame armor and weapons that you can use as you progress through the levels.

Silver can be made from the following materials:


  • Drake’s helmet
  • Cape Flax
  • Cloak of lox
  • Silver Shield
  • Wolf’s breast
  • Armadillo wolf
  • Wolf fur coat


  • Draugr-Fang
  • Lance Fang
  • Frostner
  • Silver Sword



Silver is an important resource for progress in Valheim; it can also be used to make weapons with specific properties that inflict extra damage on undead enemies.

The money can be obtained without a bone, but it will take a long time and you will have to spend a lot of time mining, because it is unlikely that you can find it by gambling.

Once you have silver, it’s easier to switch to black metal later, as silver weapons and armor have better stats than iron gear.

frequently asked questions

Where can I find silver ore in Subnautica?

Silver ore is a raw material obtained by breaking down layers of sandstone or collecting shells. It is a conductive material required for the manufacture of a number of electronic devices. Silver ore can also be found as a large resource deposit, which is easier to find than sandstone and provides more resources.

Where can I find ore in Valheim?

This is how you find Zinnerz in Walheim. Tinerts can be found in the Black Forest biome by exploring the banks of the Black Forest and searching the banks for small rocks with a black bar through them. It should be noted that you need a deer pick or better to extract the tin ore.

How do you get silver veins?

Just right click on the dowsing rod in your inventory to use it. Equipped with a kluister and an iron hoe, you set off for the mountains. As you approach the silver vein, you will see pulsing turquoise lines around your character (see image below) and hear a light sound.

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