How to Tame Lox in Valheim

If you’ve traveled to the plains, you may have seen these towering creatures called lox roaming around feeding and resting.

These beasts are not to be taken lightly, as they are very powerful and can do a lot of damage if you anger them.

However, such a powerful creature can make a good partner, and it is possible to tame these hot-headed beasts.

What can you do with Lox?

Lox or Locks aren’t doing much at the moment, just walking around and occasionally nibbling on the grass.

However, when attacked by enemies, they attack with the full force of chaos until they have killed all enemies within their detection radius.

This makes them suitable for guarding your base, and to make matters worse, another lox will not attack you if you are with your tamed lox.

Unfortunately, you cannot command your lox to follow you, and will have to carry them to the base, using barriers to control your path.

It’s best to tame the lox at the base, so it’s easier to keep it where you want it.

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How to tame the fox in Valheim

The Lox is quite frightening when you approach it, and it’s best not to let it near you.

Since you can’t command Lox, it’s best to catch him near the base where you tamed him.

You can shoot an arrow at him or close to him to get his attention, and he will start chasing you at a slow pace.

Once you’ve caught him, throw his tame food into the trap (you can do this first to make it easier for him to break his concentration) and wait for him to eat.

Make sure you hide to get rid of the aggro, otherwise he won’t eat, and once he does, the acclimation status will appear to start the taming process.

Soon after eating, he will have a progressive rate that slowly increases to 100%, and once this happens, Lox is tame.

How to make a lox trap?

Basically, you should use stone walls to tame Lox, as he can do a lot of damage that can easily destroy wooden structures.

The fox can still be tamed with wood, but you may have to build a lot around it, and stone walls are a better alternative.

Make a shape (preferably a square or rectangle) that Lox can fit into, leave a hole, but keep a workbench and a stonemason nearby to close it up later.

Lure Lox into the trap and quickly place a stone wall or other stone structure to prevent him from leaving.

You can leave small openings for Lox to pass through, making it easy to escape if he’s stuck.

Salmon feed

Lox is rather picky when it comes to food, and you can only feed him wild blackberries or flax, which are found in the plains biome.

The temps are the same for both products, and it is much easier to use cloudberries because they are found almost everywhere in the lowland biomes.

Right now, the only food Lox is eating:

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Locomotive generator

You’ll usually find the lox in groups of three, and they’ll occasionally reload at the spot where you first found them.

Bobcats don’t travel far, and you can easily mark their location so you can come back later if you want to tame them further or cultivate their resources.

Be careful when searching for salmon on the plains, as enemies like Deathsquitos and Fulings can attack you.

Loxa drops

There are a few things that Lox throws next to his fox meat, and they come in handy later when you want to do things.

Lox threw out the following:

Article Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Salmon meat 4-5 (100%) 8-10 (100%) 16-20 (100%)
LoxPelt 2 (100%) 4 (100%) 8 (100%)
Lox Trophy 1 (10%) 1 (10%) 1 (10%)

Lox level

So far, not many people have seen a higher level of Lox, but it is known that his damage and health increase with his level.

Lox’s health and damage level are increased according to his level as follows:

Status of the property Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Loxs Health 1000 2000 3000
Damage caused by cans 130 (slash) 195 (slash) 260 (oblique stroke)
Damage caused by cans 120 (Mute). 180 (Mute). 240 (brutal)

Lox will try to attack you with two different actions: He stamps on the ground to do damage to the surroundings, or bites you en masse.

You can parry these attacks as long as you have a good shield, and even better if you have your blocking skills in order.

Parrying Lox allows him to make multiple melee attacks over a short period of time, making it easy to kill or slow him down.

Oxygen dispersion

Since the current patch (0.147.3), lox can no longer be taken and can only be tamed, but it is possible that they will allow breeding lox in the future.

By raising lox, you can significantly divide many of its resources, including fox meat, to better feed the fanciers.

Few items require a fox skin, but this may change later as new items are added to the game.


Lox is a fairly benign creature, but reacts aggressively to threats, and it is important to take that into account before attacking.

One of Lox’s best features is that he can take out multiple enemies quickly and doesn’t die as often as wolves.

Taming the fox can be quite difficult but useful, but most of its resources are not yet extensive, and we hope that more opportunities to make use of them will come.

The box can be pressed onto the boat, but there is a good chance it will fall off due to its large shape and the movement of your boat.

frequently asked questions

Can you tame Lox Valheim?

Tame. Lynxes can be tamed like wild boars or wolves. Add barley, blackberry or flax to tame Lox. Once you’ve successfully tamed Lox, you can feed him when he’s in the Hunger state.

How do you tame Valheim?

Taming wild boars Walheim It can take some time to tame them. Throw food on the ground (berries, mushrooms or roots), then stand back or hide so they become quiet enough to sniff the food. The boar is gradually tamed with each meal.

How are Wallheim salmon bred?

Can we grow salmon? At the time of writing this report, the possibility of salmon farming in Walheim has not yet been implemented. This means you can’t effectively educate them at this time. You can feed them when they are hungry and protect them from attack in the shelter, but that’s about it.

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