Kate Middleton answered a tricky question about the Queen for a royal fan and she was thrilled

Kate Middleton showed off her puzzle-solving skills helping a student to crack a crossword clue about the Queen.

  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paid a visit to Glasgow last week as part of their Jubilee tour of Scotland.
  • They met with students at Glasgow University during their royal visit, with Kate helping one student with a crossword puzzle involving the Queen’s finances.
  • This royal news comes after Prince William moved fans with deeply personal response to footballer Jake Daniels’ coming out message.

Prince William and Kate paid a visit to the University of Glasgow campus, where they spoke with several students who had gathered to see the royal pair.

By waving a copy of The Times’ May 2 crossword puzzle in front of Kate, onlooker Jack Baird was able to get her attention and beg for her help in answering a question about the royal family.

The Duchess held the paper to get a better look at the elusive answer to seven down, which was another name for the “sovereign’s annual allowance”.

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“It was two words of five and four letters. I couldn’t get the second word. I gave it to Kate and asked her as I’m sure she would have known. And she said it was ‘Civil List,” Jack told The Times.

The student explained that the conversation was completely unexpected because he had no idea the Duke and Duchess were in town, adding, “She was very excited. It didn’t look like she was going to get it for a moment. I’m really chuffed. I’m going to frame it. She looked thrilled. I think she thought, ‘I wouldn’t live this down if I get this wrong.”

The royal couple later apologised via Twitter for not being able to meet everyone who had gathered outside to see them.

The official Kensington Royal Twitter account posted a video of the pair chatting with the crowd with the caption, “So many students! Sorry if we missed you.”

The royal couple also visited St John’s Primary School in Glasgow for a ‘Roots of Empathy’ session, a tour to the Wheatley Group site to discuss the challenges of homelessness, and a trip to the University of Glasgow, where researchers at the School of Psychology and Neuroscience are focusing on mental wellbeing.

Kate, who graduated with a 2:1 in art history from St.Andrews, another Scottish university, seemed to like a good puzzle.

Kate’s husband, Prince William, has previously mentioned Kate’s love of jigsaw puzzles, and it appears that she finds time to help with a crossword problem even on a hectic day.


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