Kate Middleton hidden a strange object in her bag once to keep from embarrassing the Queen

Kate Middleton tried to hide the bizarre item in her handbag to please Queen Elizabeth and to avoid embarrassment.

  • The royal family is attending the Chelsea Flower Show, this year. It has been revealed that Kate almost got embarrassed in front of Queen Elizabeth at the event.

  • Kate designed her own garden for 2019’s show. She wanted the Queen to love it.

  • The royal news follows the revelation that two members of the royal family are now soap-stars to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee.

The Queen, who was reportedly unable to walk due to mobility problems, attended The 2022 Chelsea Flower Show from a luxurious buggy.

Kate designed and built her own garden for the 2019 iconic show.

Return to Nature

” and was keen to win the approval of Queen Elizabeth.

According to Mirror, she cleaned up so much that Her Majesty was able to see her tidy the garden before arriving to inspect it.

The publication says that “But before Her Majesty’s arrival, a seeming nervous Kate was keen to impress and rushed around the garden tidying things up”

She even stuffed loose leaves and twigs into her handbag, so that it would be spotless when the monarch looked in.


Andrew Morton, a royal author has confirmed that Kate had already received the approval of Queen Elizabeth. She had it right from the time she wed Prince William. The Queen actually admired Kate’s love for him, and not his title.

Kate has been trusted by the Queen time after time, with her, Prince Edward, and Sophie Wessex stepping in to join this year’s Buckingham Palace Garden Parties. They will all be missed by the Queen, unfortunately.

Kate has also been reported to be’ready for her royal destiny’, as she radiates confidence at solo events and engagements.


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Kate Middleton used to hide a strange object in her bag in order not embarrass herself in front of Queen Elizabeth II.

Kate Middleton tried to hide the bizarre item in her handbag to please Queen Elizabeth and to avoid embarrassment. The royal family is attending the Chelsea Flower…

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