Magic Focused Games On Nintendo Switch

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In this day and age, we have been given a ton of different games. However, one genre that has seemingly gone under the radar are the magic-focused games. Today, we are going to examine some of the most popular magic-focused games to come out on the Nintendo Switch.

There are few things that can be as great as playing games on a Nintendo switch. Especially if your game is based on magic. There are many games that are highly magical and these have been made popular by both the Nintendo switch and the game developers. Some of these games are also on pc and playstation. Magic is one of the best games today and people have been talking about it and playing it since a long time ago. Example Blog Post:

Harry Potter fan or not, these magical games around the Nintendo Switch are a must.

There’s never a bad time to play creepy games that revolve around magic and witches, even as Halloween approaches. I’m always up for magical games, and what better way than to spend an evening enjoying the most fantastic and witchy games out there!

Check out these magical games that are already available or coming soon to Nintendo Switch.


Ikenfell is a turn-based pixel-art role-playing game about a group of struggling student mages. The game uses a time-based combat mechanic that allows the player to use spells and block attacks. The film Ikenfell is set in a vast and mysterious school of magic. In the school, players will encounter countless monsters and bosses to fight against, discover hidden treasures and unravel dark secrets that should never have been revealed.

Publication date and availability

Ikenfell is now available in the Nintendo eShop.

Nine roles

In The Book of Nine Scrolls, fugitive sorcerer apprentices go in search of the nine lost and elusive scrolls in hopes of completing their spell books. Wizards acquire spells but do not learn the safety measures that go with them. Such a hasty approach inevitably leads to a number of fatal accidents.

Publication date and availability

Nine Parchments is available on Nintendo Switch.

Calico – Magic Girls Running Cat Cafe

Running a magical cat cafe is not the only thing players can do. The game also includes fun aspects of other popular game franchises like Animal Crossing. The similarities between Calico and Animal Crossing are that both games are simulation games, as well as the ability to place furniture and decorations in their buildings. The beauty of Calico is that the animals never leave, the store never closes, and the plants never die.

Additional information, release date and availability

To find out more about this delightful game, click here.

Calico will be released on Steam later this year – a free demo is currently available to download here.

Academy of Witchcraft

Witchery Academy is a fantasy role-playing game where you have to complete tasks in a school for witches and wizards. Learn the ins and outs of the magical world, such as. B. making potions and mastering a large number of spells.

Additional information, release date and availability

For more information on Academy of Witchcraft, including the trailer, click here.

Witchery Academy doesn’t have a release date yet, but the game is expected to come out on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Little witch in the forest

In case you missed it, Little Witch in the Woods is a charming indie game about a little witch who lives in the woods. Make potions, get ingredients, make friends and just enjoy your magical life in this beautiful world.

The developers recently invited you to check out their game at the Busan Indie Connect Festival, and you can be sure that a review of the demo will follow very soon. Meanwhile, we’ve been allowed to share some new details that the developers have released for the festival.

Additional information, release date and availability

The game will be released on Steam later this year and is also planned for Nintendo Switch.

More information about the movie The little witch in the forest.

Witchbrook – Stardew Magic Valley

In Witchbrook, the player takes the role of a student at a wizarding school that may seem familiar to fans of Harry Potter. During the training the players will have to get to know each other.

The game takes the player on a journey through different activities that will help you succeed in your school life. Withcbrook offers a variety of sideline activities in addition to a busy academic schedule that players must address.

Additional information, release date and availability

Find out everything we know about Witchbrook – the magical Stardew Valley.

The game Witchbrook has been released on Steam and is not yet confirmed for Nintendo Switch. No official release date has been announced yet.

Ova Magica

Ova Magica is a very cute indie game that has everything a life simulation fan could want. This exciting life simulator includes farming, crafting, resource gathering, and even creature collecting with turn-based battles! The game’s developers recently managed to fund it on Kickstarter, giving their fans the chance to help create this delightfully charming new adventure.

Additional information, release date and availability

The game has been confirmed for Nintendo Switch.

If you want more information, including a gameplay trailer for Ova Magica, click here.

Beautiful princess party

For those who missed it : Pretty Princess Party is the official name of the western version of Pretty Princess Magical Coordinate. In the game, you play as an aspiring princess who has to learn everything a true royal lady needs to know in order to get the appointment.

Like horse racing, cake decorating and dancing. Once you’ve mastered these royal attributes, you can unlock countless items to decorate your castle – over 1,300 to be exact!

Additional information, release date and availability

Pretty Princess Part is available now on Nintendo Switch.

Watch the trailer and more information here.

Rune Factory 5

For those unfamiliar with the upcoming RPG, Rune Factory 5 begins with the player in a small town called Rigbert. You become a peacekeeper to protect your village. Marvelous has already announced a number of new features that will be included in the latest installment of the popular franchise. One of the new features is the ability to team up with local residents and go on a quest together.

Additional information, release date and availability

Rune Factory 5 will be released on Nintendo Switch in 2021.

Check out the latest trailer showing the town of Rigbert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any witch games?

While there are no games about witches per se, there are a few games that feature witches in them. The Metroid spinoff Other M is about a futuristic space bounty hunter named Samus Aran who is often called a “space witch.” The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword features a character named Fi whom many fans have called a “witch.” Witches are also an integral part of The Sims games, which allow players to create, direct, and control entire virtual worlds. If you’re a fan of witches, magic, and all things Harry Potter, you might be a bit disappointed by Nintendo Switch, since there aren’t many witch games. Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the only game on the Nintendo Switch that has witches in it, and even then the witches are only in the game’s DLC, not the main storyline. On the other hand, there are a lot of games with witches on the Xbox One, and most games with witches also have magic and warlocks, which are also limited to the DLC for Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

What is the rarest Nintendo switch game?

The Nintendo Switch has received a lot of attention since it launched in 2017, and it’s no surprise why. The hybrid console merges Nintendo’s handheld and home gaming divisions into one slick device, giving players a more flexible solution to playing their favorite Nintendo games on the go.  As you’d expect, along with its popularity comes a host of new games, including those developed by third-party developers.  While there are a lot of great games for the Nintendo Switch, there are also some that are ultra rare and tough to find. The Nintendo Switch is the second Nintendo console to be released with a touch screen. It is a hybrid console featuring a 16-bit style, which means that it plays both at home and on the go, and runs on a cartridge system. It is the first Nintendo console to be released since the Nintendo 64.

Are there any skating games for switch?

As far as we can tell, there aren’t any skating games for the Nintendo Switch. (At least, not yet.) But it’s not as if there aren’t any skating games at all. In fact, there’s an entire genre of games revolving around the sport. In fact, there are so many skating games out there that we’ve had a hard time narrowing down which ones to recommend. As far as video games go, the Nintendo Switch has been on fire since its launch in 2017. The hybrid console offers some of the best graphics and gameplay ever seen on a mobile device. While there have been a handful of popular titles for the device, is it possible that there is a gap in the market that is being overlooked? Could there be room for a skating game?

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