Microsoft Surface Go Laptop Review

Microsoft Surface GoLaptop

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Monetary valuation


Technical data and evaluation characteristics



  • Slight
  • Touch screen
  • Table
  • Best camera and sound
  • Longer battery life


  • The keyboard is not included in the delivery.
  • Accessories are purchased separately and are expensive
  • No HDMI or Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • The parts could be better
  • Low Performance Processor

Read the review of the Microsoft Surface Go laptop and find out the price. A lightweight laptop with a long battery life is a reliable system for in-between uses.

That is why this laptop is also called an ultra-portable laptop, it is even adjustable, very versatile and among the best laptop alternatives in its field.

This is the Microsoft Surface Go. What makes the laptop even more efficient and reliable is its weight.

From software to other components, the Microsoft Surface Go is very reliable and good, this machine is one of the best laptops among Windows laptops.

The Microsoft Surface Go is also a Surface device. It consists of many properties, good and bad.

It is a small and compact device, but it is very suitable and can be used for many tasks, it is not a high-end professional laptop, but this laptop can perform tasks as a normal computer.

It can’t handle heavy workloads because it’s not designed for that, but it can handle basic workloads. A safe and professional laptop.

As with Skype and others, the camera and additional features of this laptop stand out and are very effective. Make the whole notebook bulletproof.

Thin, portable and very formal, this laptop can also be used as a tablet. Check out the top laptop brands.

These features make the laptop reliable in an action, it is also affordable and also promises better performance and speed provided by the device.

Microsoft Surface Go laptop price and options

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Microsoft Surface Go Installation Alarm (Intel Pentium Gold, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB) (MCZ-00001) – $510.00

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Microsoft Surface Go Laptop Review

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Buy for: Touch screen, portable and lightweight, better battery life.

Be careful. The keyboard is not included, accessories are expensive and must be purchased separately.

Best use: Elementary school students, normal use, home use and other applications.

Best alternatives : Lenovo Flex 5, HP Pavilion x360


The Microsoft Surface Go is a very reliable and efficient laptop with all the other best components. It is convenient and portable, you can even carry it easily from one place to another. It can also be used as a tablet. The device even has a touchscreen, and the other components of this laptop can handle the workload as well.

Design and construction

The Microsoft Surface Go is known for its versatility and is easy to customize. It is ultra-portable and also has a very discreet design. It is suitable for both business and daily tasks because it is a lightweight laptop.

This system weighs a maximum of 1.15 pounds and is very portable due to its small size. This unit is compact and well designed for good portability.

The design of this laptop is even suitable for students, and the design size is the same as other Microsoft laptops.

But the new addition, like the rounded edges, makes the laptop look much better. The laptop has a silver exterior, just like all other business and student laptops.

This laptop has a removable keyboard, making it more portable and more like a tablet. This laptop cover is foldable and the screen is a touch screen with a better option for other users.

Many users prefer a laptop that can also be used as a tablet, and the Microsoft Surface Go is exactly what they need. This means it works like any other tablet and can be kept on your desk or elsewhere.

As a tablet, the screen is small and compact at 10 inches. And the screen resolution is 1800 x 1200 pixels.

Efficient for everyday tasks, this laptop offers both the experience of a laptop and the portability of a tablet. The overall design of this laptop is robust and elegant.

Not only is it a touch screen, but you can also write on it with a stylus. Multitasking by the user is also possible here.

The screen is quite bright and reliable for its size. The laptop has a better display to show weight and size.

The Microsoft Surface Go’s screen is pretty good, it’s not that elite, it’s effective for its size and price.

It’s not that expensive, but overall, the Microsoft Surface Go is a reliable and efficient laptop for everyday and office use.


This device is not suitable for games or intensive tasks. The Microsoft Surface Go comes in three variants that differ in other important ways.

All three variants have the same processor, which is integrated. This device is composed of an Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y processor and has two cores.

Processor speed 1.6 GHz. The processor is slow at times, but this is manageable, and multitasking is possible.

The Microsoft Surface Go consists of integrated graphics, the machine is equipped with Intel HD 6.15 graphics, which is suitable for a laptop that can also be used as a tablet.

It is efficient and users can use this machine for daily or non-professional use. This machine consists of the operating system Windows 10 Pro or OS.

This machine runs on Windows 10 in S mode also this runs exclusively on Microsoft Store apps in Windows this is done for files and apps that the user wants to be safe and secure.

The performance offered is also long lasting, so the performance and speed of the Microsoft Surface Go is adequate for its parts and very reliable.

RAM and memory

The main difference between the variants of this Microsoft Surface Go is the RAM memory and storage space. The difference between the options is clearly noticeable.

The first variant comes with 8GB of RAM and the device has a storage capacity of 128GB. The memory of this device resides on a solid state drive or SSD, which is highly efficient and lightweight, making it portable.

The next option is a 4GB RAM, which consists of 64GB and an SSD (Solid State Drive).

The last option also consists of 64 GB, but the memory of this device is different. The storage capacity of this device is 128GB SSD.

These three options consist of an SSD or a This makes the machine operable and very easy to move.

Because this car is an ultra-portable and lightweight machine. Components, especially memory, are selected based on the weight of the laptop.

Ports and connections

The Microsoft Surface Go has ports that are used for multitasking and fast charging.

This device consists of USB or (Universal Serial Bus) type C ports, a headphone jack to which a microphone or headphones or the user’s speakers can be connected.

It also includes a surface port that keeps the laptop running smoothly when connected to an external device.

This device also has a micro SD card reader, which is very effective for many users.

It is meant for those who use a laptop for daily file transfer, the SD card reader works very efficiently for these users.

And the SD card reader is also compatible with the surface interaction wheel with the screen. It also has a DC input for powering the laptop.

The first two options are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (802.11abg). However, the 8 gigabyte variant only has Wi-Fi. The wireless connection is Wi-Fi (802.11abg).

The ports are very limited and are located on two sides of the screen; the keyboard has no ports as it is a clip-on keyboard.

As a result, this device has fewer ports on either side of the screen, which can be quite frustrating for many users who needed more ports to get proper computing.

Battery life

The system or the Microsoft Surface Go runs on batteries. This device is equipped with a lithium-polymer battery that promises better autonomy.

Battery life is another advantage of this system. The battery can play video for up to 9 hours when not connected.

This means that the user can use the laptop for 9 hours without recharging. However, user usage may vary, and therefore battery lighting may also vary.

With the best features suitable for a laptop, the batteries are very efficient and suitable for both a laptop and many users.

And the requirement for a very heavy or intensive task user or a normal daily light task user, the device is suitable, but the battery life may vary from user to user.

Finally, this unit is very efficient and well adapted to its components and offers good autonomy.

Additional functions

This system is only effective for regular users, but also for students. It also has other additional features that are just as good as the other main components present in this laptop.

The first feature that stands out and makes this system effective and reliable is the camera. In this system, the camera is very efficient and reliable.

The camera connects to the laptop, and since it’s a laptop and a tablet, it’s two in one car. The color contrast, like other camera features, is very effective and easy to understand.

And it has a webcam, which also makes the laptop secure. The device has a 5-megapixel front camera, which is used for facial authentication, thanks to Windows Hello.

It is also secure and has a 1080p HD Skype video camera, and the rear camera is 8 megapixels. It is also an autofocus camera and 1080p HD video.

This component makes this laptop very reliable and safe for users, students and even office workers. Another feature is the sound. Many laptops do not offer the best sound quality.

This becomes very frustrating for many users. That’s because they expect the sound to be a little better, like the camera and the other component.

However, the audio system of the Microsoft Surface Go is efficient and reliable, offering an impressive sound volume in the device. Since this is a versatile system, the sound performance is quite good.

Even in its compact and reduced size, the laptop offers a very good audio system. This laptop can also be used as a tablet and has several modes.

These modes are very useful for a user without a keyboard. It has three modes that can be changed at any time according to the user’s needs.

The first mode is the laptop mode, which can be used as a laptop by attaching a keyboard to it, adjusting the built-in stand and attaching a removable signature cover plate.

Next is Studio Mode, which can be used to write and draw on the tablet with a Surface Pen. Finally, the tablet mode, which can also be used as a tablet, can be closed, stowed and attached.

And you can even use the lid as a coaster. A stand-alone tablet that can be carried from one place to another. The three modes of this Microsoft Surface Go are very portable and light, and these modes are very effective.

The Microsoft Surface Pen can be used for drawing, writing and other purposes on this laptop. It comes with optional add-ons or components such as the keyboard, Surface Pen, and Surface Mobile Mouse.

Optional parts are also included or used on the laptop to increase usability.

The only thing that is frustrating and problematic about this device are the extra features or other optional parts.

Like the keyboard, the Surface Pen and mouse for the Surface Mobile Device do not come with the laptop.

The other components can be purchased externally, which can make the complete device with the tablet and other components very expensive for the user.

For example, many users only switch to a laptop or occasionally opt for tablet mode. Despite all these problems, the extra features of this laptop are not that disappointing or high.

But it can be used effectively and be reliable and safe for the user.


  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Screen: 10 inch
  • Indication: Touch screen (1800×1200)
  • Storage: 128GB
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Bearing type : SSD
  • RAM type : DDR SDRAM
  • Processor: Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y processor
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 615
  • Processor speed : 1.6 GHz
  • Brand processor : Intel
  • Product dimensions: 9.7 x 6.9 x 0.3 inches
  • Operating System : Windows 10 Home

What do users think of the Microsoft Surface Go?

This machine is considered by many users to be very portable and efficient. But it was also a bad experience for many users.

This device can be used as a laptop, tablet or even in studio mode. But whatever mode you choose.

For ease of use, the user must purchase a surface pen, which is an external accessory and costs extra.

Make the whole car expensive. After many reviews from daily users, regular users, students and other users, this machine has good and bad reviews and ratings of the whole machine.

This device is also one of the best compact Windows tablets and laptops that a user can buy.

It is also very versatile, which has led users to buy this device because of its best operating system and best alternative to many other Windows tablets and laptops.

This machine is very neat and the material is very focused and better. Being a laptop and a tablet, Microsoft has managed to offer many users a complete device.

Therefore, this laptop is used by many users around the world. It is smaller and more compact, and its size is portable.

The laptop has many positive reviews, but also disappointments from users. Smaller screen size, but better camera, better audio, longer battery life and other components make it a common yes for many users.

Another reason why many users choose this laptop is the touch screen it offers.

It’s like a second personal computer that doesn’t need much adjustment, is more powerful and can be very convenient and fast.

But despite all these positives, it is very expensive when additional features are added.

Optional components such as keyboard, pen and mobile mouse. These parts make the device expensive when purchased as a whole, as not all accessories are included with the screen.

This also makes it slightly less powerful than the best alternative, which is a big disappointment for many users.

Many achievements could have been better, as they have been reviewed or commented on by many users. This laptop can offer much better components and features for better operation and a better computer.

Overall, this laptop, which can also be used as a tablet, is portable, secure and the best computing device for many users who find this device convenient and easy to use.

Apart from the extra cost or accessories, the device is not a bad option, and is one of the best alternatives to many expensive laptops and tablets.

Still, the Microsoft Surface Go is a good device for many users who prefer regular daily use, light tasks, and even students.

We should have focused on a few parts that would have made this laptop a much better alternative to high-end laptops that can also be used as tablets.

Other expert advice

PCMag’s Microsoft Surface Go is a laptop with better processing power, longer battery life, and a robust home network that consists of a larger screen.

TechRadar considers the Microsoft Surface Go to be a 10-inch tablet. This device is very niche and includes the best operating system, Windows 10. This ensures a better user experience.

LaptopMag thinks the Microsoft Surface Go is a near-perfect laptop. Being a laptop and a tablet, it has a better screen and is secure. Its 10-inch screen is small, but it offers a better viewing experience.

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