My Singing Monsters Leveling and Experience Guide

This guide describes the steps you need to take to increase the level of My Singing Monsters. If you are one of those players who get stuck after reaching level 10 and find it difficult to raise your levels, then this guide will definitely help you raise your levels quickly and efficiently.

Before I begin, let me explain the benefits of alignment. From level 30 you can unlock new items. You also get more in-game bonuses and more upgrades.

The setup in My Singing Monsters is probably one of the most important things a player can do. It allows you to :

  • Unlock more jewels
  • Access to certain structures, such as. B. The Mini-Main and the Hotel.
  • Unlock more islands (Magic Islands, Wublin Island, etc.)
  • Breeding/purchasing new monsters

Well, at first, alignment isn’t that hard. You can reach level 15 in one or two weeks. Then you’ll hit a roadblock. Going from level 15 to level 16 costs 1.2 million experience. From there, it only gets worse. The more you level up, the harder it gets, to the point where you have to spend millions and millions of experience to reach a level. Oops.

Don’t worry: in this guide, I’ll show you the best way to shoot up. You’ll discover everything you need in no time – and maybe learn a few tricks along the way. Let’s get this show on the road.

Method 1 – Cooking

Now it’s easy. You can do it from the beginning. Baking is not only a great daily experience, but it also gives you the nutrition you need to boost your monster scores.

In the first few levels (1-10) you don’t really need to cook to level up, you just need more food. But once you reach level 15 and above, you need much, much more to advance. Then you start cooking.

Here’s what to cook and when to cook it:

Cakes are available in a large bakery on level 15. It costs 500,000 coins to bake a piece, and it yields 250,000 coins in 12 hours. I suggest you keep cooking it to level 17.

Then we have the turkey. For 1,000,000 units, he produces 500,000 units in 24 hours. It’s very good, especially in the beginning. I suggest you use it up to level 20.

We’re having cake later. For 5,000,000 units, he produces 2,500,000 units in 48 hours. This is also the most economical cooking option because you also get 500,000 for those 48 hours. Use it until you reach level 23.

Finally, we have the big salad. It costs twice as much as a cake and also delivers twice as much in the same time. The only downside is that it only produces 1.5 times the amount of a cake – so if you’re trying to chop food, use a cake. Cook it from level 23 and up.

Method #2 – Place samples

Placing samples is another easy way to get exp – all you need is time and patience.

There are two types of samples you should use this method for: Quad Elementals and Wubboxes.

for four elements

Quad Element samples produce 110,000 exposures when placed, and can also be sold for a large number of coins. The best way is to breed, hatch, place and then sell.

To make this as effective as possible, pair a rare ATV with a normal ATV. That way you’re sure to get a four every time without risking a three/one monster element.

Now for Wubbox

Wubbox gives a ton of experience when placed. I’m not talking about a few hundred thousand, or maybe a few million. No. The Wubbox produces 37,500,000 experiences when placed (not counting the island of Wublin). It literally beats all the other monsters, which is absolutely insane – but there is a small downside.

The Wabbox is normally worth 75,000,000 coins. It’s, uh… super expensive. There is, however, a trick. You know, from time to time Wubbox is on sale – 50% off, to be exact. This means that for just 37,500,000 coins you can get enough money to get through most of the early levels (25-33). In other words, save your coins when Wubbox is on sale. When the sale starts, buy as much as you can and watch your level rise!

Method 3 – Placing decorations

Decorating your island is one of the many features of My Singing Monsters – and a very important one. They can not only make your island look very elegant, but also help you maintain certain levels!

Like monsters, decorations yield a large number of coins when placed – the main difference between the two is that it takes far less time… and costs a lot of money.

Jarhead (level 21), Ambered Thing (level 22) and Floofy Nest (level 24) cost 25 million coins and yield 6,250,000 coins when placed. If you can afford them, they can greatly speed up your tuning at levels 21-30.

The next one is the Inverdigus fern (level 25). Compared to the last 3 decorations, this one is only worth 10 million more. In return, you get 8,750,000, which significantly speeds up the purchase process of these options compared to the previous options.

Now is the big moment – the one and only, the bath fountain!

This monstrous ornament costs no less than 50 million coins, making it the most expensive ornament in the game. Still, the price is worth the investment – it gives double the spend that the first three give, for a total of 12,500,000 EXP! If you can afford it, go ahead and buy a ton! Just a warning – unless you’re trying to get to level 30 (or you have really weird taste in island stuff?), it’s not recommended to buy the Fountain of Vanna.

What is level 30?

I’m sure some of you are wondering why I said not to go above level 30 – I’ll explain here.

When you reach level 30, two things happen:

  • You will unlock the last two trinkets.
  • You will have access to the Handling Apprentice designation.

For those wondering, monikers are a special title you get when you are level 30 or higher. Every time someone comes to your island and views it, they will see your nickname in the top corner of the screen. If so, it’s pretty flexible. Once you reach level 75 (which requires a few billion experience points), you’ll get the elusive moniker of Celestial Chronicler (and another reward for reaching that level). It may take weeks, months or (most likely) years to get there.

Personally, I suggest not focusing on leveling up after reaching level 30. However, the decision is entirely up to you: do you want maximum flexibility with the rest of the community? Let’s go! What if I don’t? That’s good too! Do what makes you happy.

A guide to Dracotroll.

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