On This Day in Nintendo History: Mario Golf: Advance Tour; Atsumeru Egao Chao; A Little Bit of… Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training: Sudoku; A Little Bit of… Magic Made Fun: Matchmaker; Sparkle Snapshots

On this day (April 22) in the history of Nintendo…

  • Mario Golf : Advance Tour was released in 2004 for the Game Boy Advance console in Japan. Developed by Camelot Software Planning, this sports game continues the tradition of the simulation portion of Mario Golf, which is part of the role-playing game. Create your character, join the club and start your journey to becoming a pro. In the main game mode, you face a range of formidable enemies on challenging courses and earn experience points to improve your skills.
  • Atsumeru Egao Chou was released on DSiWare in Japan in 2009. In this photo reference utility developed by Intelligent Systems, you can use your Nintendo DSi Camera to take as many photos of faces as you want and merge them into this notebook. The software organizes the faces you collect and develops certain metrics from them, such as. B. Kindness and maturity. You can browse the collected photos by different criteria, group the photos by similarity or by favorite animal (selectable when adding a face).
  • A little… …of Dr. Kawashima’s brain training: Sudoku (known as Brain Age Express: Sudoku in North America) was released on DSiWare in Japan in 2009. Developed by Nintendo System Development, this puzzle game contains 100 Sudoku puzzles in three variations: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, rather than the learning mode described in the other editions. He used different techniques to solve all the complex puzzles, Dr. Kawashima said. This edition also includes a brain age test with three riddles.
  • A little… A magical pleasure: Matchmaker (known as Master of Illusion Express: Matchmaker in North America) was released on DSiWare in Japan in 2009. In this reference software, developed by Tenyo with 8ing, you create an illusion where you can determine the exact age of a person from two photos. Another illusion is knowing the other person’s favorite dates or foods similar to those of the host.
  • Sparkle Snapshots was released on DSiWare in Japan in 2009. This utility, developed by Index Corporation, allows you to take photos of yourself and your friends and decorate your photos with frames, markers and stamps. Other aids are also available, including hair sprays and dyes. Send photos to other Nintendo DSi systems or transfer them to your PC or mobile phone with an SD card.

What are your best memories of these games? How do you think they’re holding up today? Hash in the comments.

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I post that day in the Nintendo history section: Mario Golf : Pre-tour; Atsumeru Egao Chao; A little… Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training: Sudoku. A little… A magical pleasure: Matchmaker; Sparky shots for Game News.

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