The 3 Most Overrated Mobile Games and 3 Alternatives to Them

If you’ve been following my writing for a while, you’ve probably noticed that most of my blog posts are named after popular music or bands. So, this time, I wanted to take a different approach. It’s time to evaluate the top three most overrated games in the Android game world, and then, three alternatives that are better:

According to a recent study, games are quickly becoming a new form of entertainment that is being popularized by the iPhone and other smartphones. But these games aren’t just available on mobile devices and mobile networks. There are plenty of games that are also available on computers, iPads and even consoles. So, in this blog post, I will list the 3 most overrated mobile games and 3 alternatives.

Mobile games get a lot of hype and can get quite addictive, especially if you spend all your time playing them. However, while mobile games can be fun, the chance of you becoming addicted is pretty slim, so it’s important to actually pay attention to what you’re playing and how you’re playing it.

We were all doing it to pass the time while waiting in line, to beat your friend’s score, or just to keep up with the trend and have something to tweet about. At the very least, once. I’m referring to smartphone gaming.

Nowadays, you can discover a plethora of them on the App Store or Google Play: some are beautiful and have become classics, others are true game-changers and have earned the label for a cause, while yet others are dreadful in retrospect. I’m going to throw down the law on the three most overrated games of all time (in my view, of course) and suggest some alternatives.

From the Angry Birds franchise to…

“Right now, I’m taking the yellow bird and throwing it towards that green pig who’s still hanging around the building.” Does this sound familiar to you? I’m sure most of you know what it implies (even my father does)! I’m referring to the Angry Birds video game. Simple game principles in which you drag and tap your finger on the screen to aim to launch birds to kill green pigs; amusing visuals, many advertisements; great physics, though.

The game has skyrocketed in popularity, and the stuff is out of this world. Some individuals, mostly children, are so fascinated with it that they own not just Angry Birds t-shirts and plushies, but also everything else, including hats, clothing, gadgets, accessories, all game versions, and they watch Angry Birds cartoons, among other things. Oh, my goodness…


In fact, any video puzzle game may be considered an equivalent to Angry Birds. Because of the game’s unexpected success, a slew of independent developers have created their own versions. Catapult King, Angry Frogs, and even the I Hate Angry Birds game are all available only for iPhone. Check out the following if you simply want to relax and play some games:

World of Goo – This is without a doubt one of the most unique games I’ve ever encountered. The game revolves on physics puzzles. It may seem unlike to Angry Birds at first sight, yet both games include an environment with obstacles to conquer, physics puzzles, and a trial-and-error experience.


When you combine soothing music, beautiful graphics, and creative gameplay, you’ll have a game that you won’t be able to put down.

Crush the Castle was a paid alternative that served as a precursor rather than a followup. While it doesn’t have the same professional appearance as Angry Birds, the concept is the same: you must use trebuchets to demolish your opponents’ castles in order to go back in time and claim to be living in that period.


The good news is that you can also select a build-a-castle option to construct the buildings you wish to demolish.

To Candy Crush Saga…

Candy Crush, although not a brainteaser, has become so popular that nearly everyone I know has played it at least once. It’s a matching puzzle game with brightly colored pieces that you must match to get points and empty the board. Another enjoyable time-killer that demands payment in order to win.


On the heels of the game’s success, men decided to create a Candy Crush TV program on CBS, in which celebrities played the same game over and over again. The program, however, did not do well and was terminated after the first season due to a lack of sweetness.


Keep the game principles the same, but swap out the candies for anything else, add a new music, and voila! You now have a Candy Crush substitute. Let us, however, return to our original topic. If you’re searching for a comparable game but don’t have enough sugar in your life, try these:

Bejeweled is a free game with a variety of modes to play and achievements to earn, but instead of sweets, it has jewels and a nice jewelry sound. It may not be as pleasant as it seems, but it appears to be attractive enough for you to play.


Two Dots is a lovely game that consists entirely of colorful dots and delicate movements. To advance to the next level, you must connect as many dots of the same color as you can in one minute or a difficult restricted number of moves.


Can you beat my 1000+ score?

To… From Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans continues to be one of the most popular strategy games on the App Store and Google Play. To get access to other players’ resources, you must establish loyal clans, train soldiers, and attack them.


The game itself isn’t a game changer, but it does a good job of engaging the genre’s addicting aspects. Because of its large budget, the developer continues to promote the game in every conceivable way. Check out some alternatives to Clash of Clans if you’ve grown bored of it.


If you like the game mechanics of Clash of Clans but want to try something else, check out the games below. They all have something in common as well as something unique to offer.

Boom Beach is a game developed by the same company that produced Clash of Clans, but it offers a more immersive experience by allowing you to build strong weaponry, immovable buildings, defend your area, and plunder resources. Allow yourself to go and see what you can do.


Another popular Clash-of-Clans-style strategy game you’ll love is Call of Duty: Heroes. You must lead an army of heroes, save money to improve, and utilize battle tactics to defeat opponents, as well as create armies and everything else.


Killstreaks, UAVs, and care package drop zones will push you to work together with other members.


Among the many games available, some will provide entertainment while others will just waste your time. So, don’t be scared to be selective, and if you become bored of one, there’s always another option.

Mobile gaming is a big deal these days. Despite the fact that mobile games are plagued by incessant in-app purchases, misleading free-to-play, and some seriously evil microtransactions, they still generate a lot of money in terms of revenue and are one of the top paid apps in the Google Play store. For the most part, however, these games are “clickers” where players click on the screen as quickly as possible while keeping an eye out for their next upgrade.. Read more about overrated video games 2020 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some overrated games?

The Legend of ZeldBreath of the Wild, Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War 3

What is the most overrated Roblox game?

The most overrated Roblox game is probably the popular game called Roblox High School.

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