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E-sports is an industry that has grown steadily over the past 50 years. What started as an ordinary industry offering the best players a few thousand pounds has exploded into a billion dollar industry. The pros of the game are now making a lot of money through cash bonuses and sponsorships from big companies.

It has become clear that eSports is the future of online gaming, which has only been reinforced by the growth of online gaming at Pandemic. As in most industries, there are a handful of games that have risen to the top and become the main cash cow. These are the titles that attract the most people, the most productive players and the biggest cash prizes for qualified players.


Counterstrike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular eSports games, but is affectionately known to many fans as CS:GO. The game is an FPS in which the players are divided into two teams, the terrorists and the counter-terrorists. The game offers players fast and accurate gameplay with different weapons that are all customizable.

The game has attracted a lot of attention in the eSports world, with over $12 million in prizes up for grabs in 2020. Being an FPS game, it’s not surprising that success depends on the player’s precise control, adjusting weapon loads and knowing the different stages.

League of Legends

Since its inception in 2009, League of Legends has steadily grown in popularity from a typical multiplayer battle arena to a global behemoth touted on the internet and a highly competitive e-sports industry.

The basic principle of the game has remained the same since its inception. Two teams of five players each enter the arena for a PVP (player versus player) duel. The main game mode consists of traversing the main map of the Lemminger Rift and destroying the Nexuses controlled by the other team.

What makes League of Legends interesting is the large number of characters available, called champions. There’s an impressive number of different champions, each with their own skills, play style, and typical roles in the role-playing game – idea tanks, backups, etc.

League of Legends is considered by many to be one of the most prolific and successful competitive eSports in the world, with over $8 million in prize money in 2020 alone. The game requires teams to work together, so a good understanding of your own character and that of your teammates and opponents is essential to winning.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is another newcomer to multiplayer online battle games (MOBA). In many ways, Dota 2 and League of Legends are similar in that they both share a basic premise. Still, the gameplay and strategies are different enough to have a place in the eSports industry.

Once again, we are back in the PVP battle realm. The teams are similar to League of Legends, a 10 player game with two teams of 5 players. The goal is to find and destroy the other team’s elder. The structure is located in the heart of enemy territory, which adds an extra layer of risk and reward to the game.

Players take on the role of the hero, a character who has very different skills and abilities depending on the character they choose. This allows us to have a diverse team.

It is the high level of strategy in this game that makes it such an interesting competitive sport. Since your structure may come under fire at any moment, it is important to anticipate and force people to stay behind and guard it – this will reduce the pressure on the enemy. It is this level of thoughtfulness that has earned the industry nearly $9 million in awards.

Final considerations

So it’s not hard to see that the e-sports industry has achieved commercial and critical success over the last five to ten years.

One can think of many reasons why this is so. The growing popularity of online games and the emergence of cross-platform games has certainly boosted some games. The coronavirus pandemic also played an important role in forcing much of the population to play video games on the Internet. With the widespread use of internet services and in this day and age, it is easy to see how popular these types of games have become.

The industries themselves are quite ridiculous. They generate a fair amount of revenue and offer many young professionals the chance to join the competitive world of eSports. Sponsorship and the opportunity to make a name for yourself are incredibly enticing, especially if someone has the skills to thrive in a high-level competitive environment.

It is highly likely that the industry will continue to flourish and grow even as life returns to semi-normal. That’s because the wheels of the competitive online gaming industry are now in motion and likely unstoppable. The last few years have shown that they are not only in demand for competitions and big money prizes, but that they are a lucrative sector for any company that wants to be involved as a sponsor or supplier.

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