The Best GIF Maker Apps to Create Your GIFs from Scratch

There are a lot of ways to create your own GIFs, but there are only a few apps that can create them from scratch. Most apps follow the same basic steps: take a video, insert an image, and add text. While the process can be time-consuming and tedious, it’s really quite straightforward. The final product is something that you can put on your blog or send as a personal message, and you can share it with your friends and family.

GIFs are the best way to share images on the web. From cat pictures to memes, they are everywhere. If you’re wondering what GIF apps are out there to help you make GIFs from scratch, we’ve got you covered today.

If you’re new to the world of GIFs, you probably don’t know much about them. These computer-based animation files have become popular in recent years, mostly because they’re super easy to use and have a lot of fun uses. But as with any new technology, there are lots of choices for creating GIFs, and the apps to do it are numerous. In this article, I’ll show you how to select the right app for your needs and then give you a few examples of GIFs that you can create with these apps.. Read more about best free gif maker app for iphone and let us know what you think.

Animated GIFs have become the go-to method for grabbing your audience’s attention and telling a narrative in a short clip that graphically emphasizes your message.

An animated GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a brief animation made up of a sequence of still pictures linked together. GIF is a low-resolution, tiny picture file format that has been available since the 1980s and is ideal for usage on the web.

Emails, social media, text messaging, and websites all utilize animated GIFs. They’re fast and simple to make, as well as entertaining.

GIFs may be found in libraries on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram that you can utilize in your posts. iPhone includes a built-in cache of animated GIFs that you may use in your text messages. If you want something more personalized, try these GIF creator tools to generate your own GIFs from scratch.

Apps to Create GIFs for Your Project

You want the finest GIF generator available to get the job done, whether you’re making a GIF for an upcoming email campaign, utilizing the material on your website, or simply want to send something adorable to your pals.

Check out our selection of the top GIF creator applications on the market below.

  1. Cam GIPHY
  2. GIF me!
  3. Toaster for GIFs
  4. Tumblr has a built-in GIF creator.
  5. ImgPlay
  6. Gifox
  7. Brewery GIF
  8. PhotoScape X is a photo editing program.
  9. Cinemagraph Pro is a software program that allows you to create

1. Cam GIPHY

GIPHY may be accessed through the web or via an app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. It’s a fast and simple choice in any case. GIPHY offers the largest collection of readymade GIFs to select from, which you may utilize in your own projects.

To use one of the ready-made GIFs, just choose one and copy the code to embed it or share the link with others. You may simply post it on social media as well.

Create an account, upload your own pictures, animate them, and add text, stickers, captions, and filters if you want to make your own GIF. GIPHY is widely regarded as the finest online GIF creator. Overall, it’s a decent choice, despite the cluttered and irritating UI.


  • It’s simple to make new GIFs or choose from a library of current ones.
  • There is a large library to select from.
  • Stickers, captions, and filters are all available.
  • Make a video of your own or upload one to edit.
  • Use a URL to load a video.

⛔️ CONS:

  • To make GIFs, you must first create an account.

2. Animate me!

GIF Me is another entertaining GIF creator software. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. The free GIF creator software is excellent, but the professional edition provides even more features for creating really professional GIFs for any reason.

gif-me image

You can start filming with your phone’s camera in seconds after downloading the app, and then add filters, frames, subtitles, stickers, and more. You may then save the GIF file or export the URL to your device. The user interface is well-designed and easy to use. The free GIF creator software is excellent, but the premium edition has additional features such as longer GIFs, no advertising, and no watermark on your GIFs.


  • Frames, filters, and captions are all options.
  • It’s simple to use.
  • The user interface seems to be high-end and well-polished.

⛔️ CONS:

  • To access all of the exciting features, you must purchase the full version.
  • GIFs with watermarks in the free version.

3. Toaster for GIFs

Another simple-to-use GIF creator software is GIF Toaster. To begin, choose a file, movie, picture, burst, live photo, timelapse, panorama, or GIF that already exists. To use the app, just choose your media and press play.

gif-toaster image

After that, you may adjust the video’s frame rate, fit, and direction, as well as add effects, a text banner, crop the picture, flip it, and more. The advertisements in the free version are obtrusive and make navigating the app more difficult. We accidentally clicked a couple advertisements while testing to access to menu choices.

The good news is that the premium version is just $1.99, so getting rid of the advertisements may be worth it. The collage creator is a unique function not seen in any of the other applications.


  • Collages.
  • Make a GIF out of anything.
  • The premium version is reasonably priced.
  • It’s very simple to use.

⛔️ CONS:

  • Performance and bugs are common complaints among Android users.
  • Advertisements that are distracting.

4. Tumblr has a built-in GIF creator.

Tumblr, a microblogging software available for iOS and Android, also has a basic GIF creator. The greatest thing about this one is that it is completely free to use and does not need any kind of payment.

tumblr-built-in-gif-maker image

The software is easy to use; just choose a picture and add stickers, text, and background effects to publish to your blog fast and effortlessly. The disadvantage is that in order to utilize the GIF creator app’s capabilities, you must first create an account.


  • It’s quick and simple to use.
  • There are just a few features.
  • It’s completely free to use.

⛔️ CONS:

  • To use the app, you must first create an account.

5. ImgPlay

Another great GIF creator program is ImgPlay, which enables you to create professional but also entertaining animated GIFs. You begin by choosing your material. To get started, you may even record or snap a photo on the go.

imgplay image

When you choose two pictures, they begin to animate straight away, which is a very great feature. From there, you may make changes. The majority of the applications we tested require you to wait until the GIF is finished before seeing the animation. After that, you may choose a canvas size, crop your picture, add text, apply filters, change lighting and color saturation, add stickers, borders, and more.

The options are limitless. However, many of the more advanced functions are only accessible in the $7.99 Pro edition. The user interface is straightforward yet professional. One of our favorites is ImgPlay.


  • As you modify, the animation will appear.
  • Dimensions of the canvas
  • Filters, borders, mosaics, logos, backdrops, and text are some of the features available.
  • Excellent user interface.
  • On top of a picture, do a sketch.
  • He also creates memes.

⛔️ CONS:

  • The free version has certain limitations.
  • The complete edition costs $8.
  • The free edition has a watermark.

6. Gifox

Gifox is the program to use if you want to make an animated GIF using a screen capture tool. On macOS, the installation is simple, and the program appears on the top toolbar. It’s really simple to use.

gifox image

It’s as simple as clicking a button to record your screen, then saving and sharing the GIF. Although there aren’t as many sophisticated editing options as you would anticipate, the real essence of this software is screen capture. If you enjoy the app, you can buy it for $14.99.


  • Install time is minimal.
  • It’s simple to use.

⛔️ CONS:

GIF brewery is number seven.

GIF Brewery by Gyfcat is another macOS-based GIF creator software that Apple users may download. However, there is no free trial edition available; you must purchase the full version, which costs $4.99.

gif-brewery image

GIF Brewery is a professional tool that allows you to upload video, grab it from your screen, record it in real time, and edit it. Professional editing features like as resizing, cropping, picture filters, and numerous captions and overlays are available in the program. It’s simple to save and share your work after you’re finished. GIF Brewery may be worth a go if you don’t mind paying before you try.


  • There are a slew of useful features.
  • A powerful application that can create professional-looking GIFs.
  • The software has a high-end, professional appearance.
  • The user interface is simple and straightforward.

⛔️ CONS:

  • Bugs and performance problems have been reported by users.

PhotoScape X is the eighth game in the PhotoScape series.

PhotoScape X is more of a picture editing program than a GIF creator, but it does produce them. This is a program you should check out if you’re attempting to find out how to optimize a picture, resize an image, or simply searching for an image resizer.

photoscape-x image

If you want to learn how to create a GIF, though, another alternative may be preferable. This is downloaded software rather than an app, and it has a Windows-like feel to it. It does, however, provide a variety of picture editing capabilities, including filters, lighting effects, collage, cut-out features, brushes, and other tools.

You may change the frame rate of videos, resize them, and even add borders. This is definitely overkill for basic GIF production, but it may suit many people.


  • Hundreds of picture and video editing tools.
  • Support for screen capture and RAW images.

⛔️ CONS:

  • Not an app, but full-fledged program.
  • It’s not very simple or straightforward to use.
  • $39.99 is an expensive purchase.
  • The user interface is outdated.
  • Microsoft owns the company.

Cinemagraph Pro (version 9)

Cinemagraph Pro is yet another high-end video editing application for creating professional marketing material. It makes use of high-resolution video files and offers a wide range of editing options.

cinemagraph-pro image

It comes with a lot of settings to get you started, and the UI is fun and easy to use. However, for certain people, it may be excessive. When it comes to editing video and understanding frame rates and how to size your canvas, there is a learning curve. For a range of professional applications, the tool produces beautiful movies.

It doesn’t exactly meet the criteria as a fast GIF creator. They charge a monthly fee ranging from $8.33 (individual) to $25 (business) (business plans).


  • Video editing software for professionals.
  • The UI is stunning and simple to use.
  • Professionals in marketing and design will benefit from this.
  • Full-featured application that runs well on Mac.

⛔️ CONS:

  • Not ideal for creating fast and entertaining GIFs.
  • The monthly cost is very high.

The Last Word on GIF Creator Apps

Each GIF creator program has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Gif Me! and ImgPlay are our faves since they both offer a professional but user-friendly design and a ton of useful features. Even with the free versions, you can make very professional GIFs in seconds with either one.

GIFs are the best way to express a moment. They are the modern expression of the silent movie. Creating a GIF just takes a few taps on your phone or a click on a website. But while there are plenty of apps that can let you create GIFs from scratch, not all of them are created equally.. Read more about best gif maker software and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app to make your own GIF?

There is no app that can make GIFs for you.

Can you make a GIF with scratch?

Yes, I can make GIFs with the scratch tool.

How do you make a homemade GIF?

To make a GIF, you need to take a video and then import it into an editing software like Photoshop or GIMP. You can also use the GIF animation tool on your computer.

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