The Five Best Free PDF Editor Solutions in 2021

Here is an insanely subjective list of the five best free PDF editors in 2021. The list is based on the following criteria: 1. Popularity/Purchased Users: The more recently purchased or downloaded by users the better. 2. Popularity/Purchased Users: The more popular or purchased by users the better. 3. User Rating: The higher the user rating the better. 4. User Rating: The higher the user rating the better. 5. Unique Features: The unique features that make this program better than other similar programs.

When people think about editing PDFs, they immediately think about Adobe Acrobat, a desktop application that can be quite expensive. However, this is not always necessary. There are now many free, capable and reliable PDF editing solutions that can be used wherever you are, including your laptop, tablet and phone, such as:  Cute PDF, so you can edit PDFs anywhere you are, even without an internet connection.  PDF Editor, which is a highly functional PDF editor, and it is available for all platforms, including Android and iOS.  PDF SDK, a PDF viewing and creation solution that is free and available on any platform, including Android and iOS.  PdfBox, a free PDF viewing and creation solution

Though some of us may agree that PDFs are a great way to distribute documents, a large number of organizations still find themselves needing to open, read, and even edit PDFs. While many of the most popular free alternatives are capable of editing PDFs, they tend to fall short on the basic functionality needed to edit a simple document. That said, there are still some free PDF editors out there that provide more than enough functionality that can get the job done.. Read more about best pdf editor and let us know what you think.

The portable document format, or PDF, is one of the most commonly used document formats, particularly for professional document exchange. A PDF file maintains the visual integrity of a document, ensuring that it appears precisely how you intended it to, independent of the device or operating system used to read it.

Because of its compact size, it is simple to operate and has a smaller footprint. It may be password-protected and watermarked, ensuring that it is secure.

Despite the fact that PDF files are tough to alter due to their flat pictures and text, you may still edit PDFs for free using an online PDF editor.

We’ll share some of our top choices for the best free PDF editors online to assist you in your search for the finest free PDF editor.

The 5 Most Effective Free PDF Editors

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most popular PDF editors. You may be acquainted with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, a free program that allows you to read, print, and comment on PDF documents. This software, on the other hand, offers limited editing capabilities.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, the premium version, takes things a step further. It isn’t a free PDF editor, but it allows you to convert a PDF file into an editable document, enabling you to change any text or graphic element.

You may also use it to sign papers online. It also facilitates the creation of PDF files thanks to its connection with Microsoft Office and Office 365.

If you’re looking for a free alternative to this software, we’ve compiled a list of the top free PDF editors available online:

  1. PDFescape
  2. SmallPDF
  3. Sejda
  4. Apple Sneak Peek
  5. Basic PDFsam

1. Download PDFescape

PDFEscape is a free PDF editor that can be used online or on a desktop to edit PDF files. Although the PC version is more comprehensive, the web version is free to use.

pdfescape image

This online editor is easy to use and enables you to edit or annotate your PDF files, allowing you to fill out forms, add form fields, modify text and pictures, and more. It allows you to generate PDF forms and distribute your papers over the internet.

Its security function is one of its finest characteristics. It allows you to encrypt and lock your documents. You may also make free edits to files up to 10 MB or documents up to 100 pages. All operating systems are supported by the online version.


  • Allows you to access PDF files on your favorite browser.
  • For signing papers, it has a freehand function.
  • Allows you to add or remove PDF pages.

⛔️ CONS:

  • The free version is only available online and cannot be used offline.
  • Font options are limited.

2. PDF (small)

SmallPDF is one of the finest online PDF editors, including basic PDF editing capabilities. It’s a little application that you may use without having to download or install anything. SmallPDF allows you to convert, combine, and compress PDF files while having just basic features.

smallpdf image

You may also divide or add pages to PDFs. SmallPDF has four editing options, including the ability to add text, pictures, and shapes, as well as sketch. You may create a link to share with your team after saving a PDF file. It runs on all major operating systems.


  • Simple to use
  • Ideal for file conversions.
  • There are no current file size restrictions.

⛔️ CONS:

  • There are no tools available for document annotation.
  • Font size choices are limited.

3. Sejda

Sejda is a free PDF editor that allows you to modify content that already exists in a PDF document. There are two versions available right now: an internet version and a desktop version. You may use either, but the latter allows you to work offline and provides additional font choices.

sejda image

It allows you to modify and sign PDF files, as well as fill out PDF forms and add text or pictures to them. You may also modify and add connections to existing PDF hyperlinks. You may work on three projects at once with Sejda and upload up to 50 MB or 200 pages each hour.

It also includes an encrypted connection that ensures the safety of your submitted data. The web version works on any operating system, while the desktop version runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.


  • Interface that is simple to use
  • Has document annotation capabilities.
  • After processing, files are permanently erased.

⛔️ CONS:

  • The files you upload are only accessible for two hours.
  • There are file size limitations in the free version.

Apple Preview 4

For Mac users, Apple Preview is a free PDF editor. It’s a built-in program that lets you edit PDF and picture files.

apple-preview image

You may use Apple Preview to fill out and sign PDF forms, secure your documents with passwords, merge PDFs and move pages from one file to another, and convert pictures to different file formats.

It includes many markup tools, including drawing, text, shape, and signature tools, that you may use to modify your documents.


  • It’s perfect for simple PDF editing.
  • Every macOS version includes it.
  • Multiple signatures may be saved.

⛔️ CONS:

  • Only works on Mac computers.

5. Basic PDFsam

PDFsam Basic is a free and open-source program that may be downloaded. It’s a simple software with minimal PDF editing capabilities.

pdfsam-basic image

While PDFsam Basic does not allow you to modify pre-existing PDF content, it does allow you to combine, divide, mix, rotate, and extract pages from PDF files. It will not need you to upload any files, ensuring the security of your papers.

PDFsam Basic runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

If you’d want additional options for editing PDFs, try PDFsam Enhanced, which allows you to edit, convert, review, sign, and fill out PDF documents. This alternative, on the other hand, isn’t free.


  • The UI is simple to use.
  • Provides a number of options for splitting PDFs.
  • Has batch processing capabilities

⛔️ CONS:

  • Editing options are limited.
  • Java is required.

PDF Expert is another option to consider. Despite the fact that it is not a free PDF editor, it allows you to edit PDF files.

pdf-expert image

Automatic recognition of typefaces, font sizes, and opacity is one of its characteristics, which makes altering PDFs simpler. It’s designed for Mac and iOS users, but it’ll work on any Apple device.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Free PDF Editor

Which free PDF editor is the best?

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to finding the finest free PDF editor.

What you want to use it for, how you plan to use it, and what components you need to alter on your PDF file will all influence which PDF editor is ideal for you.

Basic PDF editors allow you to divide, combine, and add information or pictures to an existing PDF file if you just want to make minor changes.

You may use a more versatile PDF editor if you need to make more in-depth changes to a document, such as altering pre-existing information. While there are free alternatives available, they often offer restricted functionality. Paid versions often provide greater editing freedom.

What is the best way to modify a PDF file for free?

Depending on the program you’re using, there are several ways to edit a PDF file. If you’re working with an online tool, start by dragging or uploading a PDF file to your preferred site.

If you’re using Sedja, for example, you’ll need to submit your file to the website. The file will appear on the website after it has been posted. You may then make changes to the document using Sedja’s toolbar. After you’ve finished processing the file, save it and download the modified version.

Is there a free PDF editor on Google?

Yes, Google offers a number of free online PDF editors, including the Free PDF Editor and the PDF Editor for Docs. The former is a Google Drive add-on that may be used to generate and modify files straight from Google Drive. You may edit, fill out, sign, and print PDF documents with the latter, which also works with Google Drive. Please keep in mind that these are just trial versions.

When it comes to talking to your computer, there are some things that it just understands better than others. When you write something in an email, it understands it perfectly, and that’s great. But when you put it in a text document, it makes mistakes, and that’s not good.. Read more about foxit pdf editor and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which PDF editor is best and free?

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

Is there a completely free PDF editor?

Yes, there is a free PDF editor called Adobe Acrobat Reader.

What PDF editor is best?

The best PDF editor is Adobe Acrobat.

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