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I love seeing dreadlocks falling everywhere, but who doesn’t?

This culturally iconic hairstyle comes in many shapes and sizes, and is one of the most unique hairstyles in the world.

And you can let your Sims recreate beautiful options of this incredible hairstyle with free custom content!

Whether you’re looking for Troy Polamala or Bob Marley, we’ve got them all – inside, out, and among the dreadlocks in The Sims 4.

15. Stadsstromen for both

Look at this CC

These urban promontories are a great sight for Sims who want to walk around in style while living in the center of town.

Whether straight or curly, these dreadlocks have everything to please. And they are made for both male and female sims.

The curly dreadlock is a little lighter, I think, and really stands out against the gold curls.

14. Ponytail Dreadlocks

Look at this CC

You want to look like a boss? Who is responsible?

Then the dreaded dick is the definition of the whole thing.

A perfectly smooth ponytail at the back, filled with neatly interlocking dreadlocks.

A truly stylish look for any female boss who wants to make a difference in the workplace.

Frame : I wouldn’t piss off the Sims if they looked like that.

13. Sahara Dreads

Look at this CC

Dreadlocks tend to have accessories that support the style of the hairstyle.

And with this CC, the creator of SintikliaSims proposes a look of long dreadlocks, with pearls at the bottom of the hair.

This style uses bold colors, including golden blonde and jet black, among 42 options.

This CC also allows you to remove accessories if you want your sim to stick with the natural look.

12. Rasta roll

Look at this CC

Bold and trendy.

Those are the words that come to mind when you think of this Rasta sandwich.

Cut short at the shoulders, the rest of the hair is rolled up into a traditional Rasta bun, an homage to the classic Jamaican hairstyle.

Whether you’re listening to the Buffalo Soldier or walking the runway, this hairstyle is perfect for a variety of Sims with different backgrounds.

11. Braid

Look at this CC

Here’s another elegant look with a boss mantra in this braided bun.

Right, just the top bun with the braids falling behind it.

I’d say it looks like it’s going to a real contractor.

The Don’t mess with me attitude would go perfectly with this hairstyle.

10. Dixie Dreadlocks

Look at this CC

Looking for a long, torturous scare?

Then this Dixie Dreads SS is for you.

These gorgeous dreadlocks extend all the way up your Sim’s torso and provide a lavish look for any outfit.

I feel like this look goes with just about anything.

But for the most part, this hairstyle will be the equivalent of a large glass of wine: opulent and luxurious.

9. Leadership Lilly Hair

Look at this CC

Blahberry Pancake has provided us with this custom set of dreadlocks suitable for gothic sims or even vampires.

Somber, long and with over 12 colours, this emo-tastic is a must for all grumpy sims.

Hide the garlic and avoid the sun in style with these dark dreadlocks.

8. Electric Dreadlocks

Look at this CC

Let’s go from vampires to rock stars.

These electric dreadlocks from Esmeralda are a real rock star version of the traditional dreadlocks.

It has a simple/classic dreadlock look with 2 or 3 different hair colors for each individual pattern.

My favorite look is an aged look, with dark gray, white and sky blue paints for all the old men who rock.

The formidable guitarist Sims must work his way through this picture and find his inner Hendrix.

7. Dirty chignon dreadlocks

Look at this CC

This is perhaps one of the most unique styles on this list.

The creator of ebonixim brings a big messy bun of horror, and it looks good.

He has a big bun in his hair, and the scars fall near Sim’s sternum.

This hairstyle has two variations: One has a tighter bun with less dreadlocks, the other has a more dashing look.

Try them both and see what you think!

6. Dreadlocks turned inside out

Look at this CC

Looking for a more pleasing option for your dreadlocks?

This hairstyle is ideal for formal occasions or more boring occasions and is also extremely elegant.

She has a short, neat cut with a high braid with a twist. Perfect for a chic party or even a wedding.

Or maybe even useful for a wedding, as this hairstyle can definitely help you finish with the ring.

5. Scarecrow with hairpin

Look at this CC

Here’s another creepy look with painted bits.

Like Mike Wazowski’s girlfriend in Monster’s Inc, these fears are significantly reduced and quite stylish.

They also come with tweezers for a touch of class.

Nolan-Sims took a hit with this QC.

4. Goddess of Fear

Look at this CC

Here we go again: Nolan’s characters are back to back with that long-haired goddess look.

Another great look for formal occasions. This hairstyle is definitely one of the most stylish dreadlocks (especially for the fan pattern!).

This look is totally appropriate for a queen, and it would be perfect for one of your Simstagram posts to attract viewers.

Boogie, bold and beautiful are the 3 B’s I would use to describe this hairstyle.

3. Shaved dreado update

Look at this CC

As part of the Get to Work expansion, the word Kingpin has been replaced with Queen Pin in this British Horror update.

Drteekaycee offers you this great look with a truly unique design.

A clean cut, a perfect haircut and a unique design; this hairstyle has everything to please every Sim who can.

While other views may scream boss or contractor…..

This look makes you look like a millionaire.

2. Osiris hair

Look at this CC

Here’s a fun hairstyle for a scary Vondercarlotte look.

You get tightly combed hazelnut colored dreadlocks dyed with flake hair dye.

The hair is just beautiful in its original form.

Indeed, Osiris’ hair is the cream of the crop when it comes to elegance and fear.

1. Czech Dreadlocks

Look at this CC

Drteekaycee gives us an incredible boho dreadlock style that really defines the idea of wildness.

Short curls on top, long dreadlocks pulled back.

Your sims can stay calm as long as they look sizzling.

This CC set is available in 12 unique colors, a perfect combination of beauty and toughness.

If any of your Sims are looking for the best style dreadlocks, these bohemian dreadlocks are just what they need.

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